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It’s Saturday. It’s sunny, but there is a howling wind outside. Two kitesurfers are braving it, I see their kites top out over the trees every few minutes: They are motoring. Brave.


I tried to sleep in after early mornings for the last two weeks, but failed. Awake early, up by 7.45. I’m on my third load of washing, summer sarongs are flapping wildly on the line on my back deck. The fact that I am washing sarongs makes me happy. The heat of summer is coming.


I’m making nachos and drinking champagne because… Saturday.


I finished 2 weeks of ‘intro to crossfit’ on Friday. Six classes at 6.30am or 6.30pm. Neither do me any favours, but I mostly went for the morning ones to get them out of the way. I hated it but I often hate things that are good for me. My body was sore and stressed, but I was super careful about injury, so all good there. Apart from one woman, I am the oldest there by a dinosaur amount. To my credit, I am not the least fit person there though (I should hope not given the work I’ve been doing).

I beat my day 1 time for 400m run + 30 situps, pushups, ring pulls, squats and 10 burpees by about 90 seconds (about 8.5 minutes if you want to know, though I should note that I don’t ‘run’ because I am completely paranoid about hurting my ankles and knees and also Harold (long story), so, yeah). Progress is how they suck you in.


Me: Gives solid advice
Them: But I don’t know what to doooooooo… :(
Me: Yeah, my fucks have run out now


I made like a crafty thing and created two dresses out of some fabric and thread like magic. I haven’t sewed in about a gazillion years, so the first took me a day, the second about 3 1/2 hours. If you aren’t following me on twitter (why aren’t you following me on twitter?!), you can see them here and here.


On the D/s front: no dates, no prospects. It is rather bleak out there in the world (not least because I have removed my profiles from CM and OKCupid because I could feel myself getting jaded and if I can’t be open-hearted, it feels like a tediously hard slog). Feel free to come and sweep me off my feet, mmkay?


I’m thinking of trying for a post a day through November in solidarity with my friend, the talented Submissive Guy Comics (he’s asking for ideas, go give him some!): also a tribute to NaNo which I ‘won’ a few years ago, but it never really produced anything I want to resurrect. A post a day! Eek! I will note for the record that the content will be utterly trivial rubbish (“So what else is new, Ferns?!” SHADDUP!!)!

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  1. This is just a ploy to get me on twitter just to look at those pics isn’t it *narrows eyes*
    NEVER you hear NEVER! *outraged fist wavieness ensues*

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