Why a personal trainer is just like a pro-Domme

You give the personal trainer money for their expertise.
You give a pro-Domme money for their expertise.

You tell the personal trainer what your goals are, and expect them to get you there.
You tell the pro-Domme what your goals are, and expect them to get you there.

If you have had a previous session, the personal trainer asks how it was, what you liked/didn’t like.
If you have had a previous session, the pro-Domme … Continue Reading

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Personal training (or WTF just happened?!)

I just got my arse kicked. Seriously.

Back story (for context!)

I’ve been working out for about 10 months now.

10 months ago: I started with 3 days of weights (pyramid sets) that had 48 reps with 3 failure points for each muscle group, plus 3 days of cardio a week. I was also doing two days of pilates per week. Pushing hard. For months. Religiously.

6 months ago: I cut out … Continue Reading

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Working out and being disappointed

I’ve delayed doing an update because I took some progress pictures a couple of weeks ago and I looked *smaller* than I did in December, and I was all despondent about it in an ‘ahh fuck it, what’s the point?!’ kind of way (see my body project to compare the Dec-Feb photos in the sidebar).

I was especially down about it since I had been trying to kick it up: I changed my program from … Continue Reading

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Me, naked

All going well (caveat caveat, fingers crossed, baby animals sacrificed and etc…), bambi will be the first man to see the results of my body project.

My nakedness in all its post-working-out glory.

After all this frigging work I have been doing, I expect angels to sing the hallelujah chorus, and a glorious light to stream down from the heavens when I unveil.

Streaming sunlight

Or at least double rainbows.

Not too much to ask is … Continue Reading

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Fucking nutritionist!

This post would have been much more interesting if the title had a ‘the’ in the middle…

Today I went and saw the nutritionist/personal trainer. She co-owns the gym that I go to, and when I talked to her and her partner before Christmas about changing my workout program, they lectured me about diet *sigh*.

Ask anyone who knows about working on body improvements, and they will tell you that the majority of the … Continue Reading

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Back to the grind

If you’ve been paying attention to my workouts (why haven’t you been paying attention to my workouts?!), you will have noticed with a sad shake of your head that I haven’t been to the gym over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. TWO AND A HALF WEEKS OF NO GYM, EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, AND DRINKING LIKE A DESPERATE ALCOHOLIC!

I would have gone back this week (I *WOULD*!), except for the fact that I was … Continue Reading

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Workout update

At the gym. Doing triceps. First set. Earphones in, music loud. I don’t talk to anyone at the gym.

In my rest period, a hugely built, bald man hovered around the machine, I saw his mouth move. Talking to me.

I removed an earbud.

“Can I work in with you here?”

I nodded. “Sure.”

I watched him move the pin to the very bottom of the weight stack.

“I just have to remember to change … Continue Reading

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