Domme: Online training part II

STILL not what you thought, random searchers!

*sigh* Oh, okay then. Drop trou and give me 20 push ups. Then 20 more. Then… well, you see where I am going with this… Don’t stop until I have finished talking to the nice folks…

With that out of the way, and to close this training topic off as a non-topic, but sort-of topic for my blog, I have set up a page specifically for gym stuff, … Continue Reading

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Domme: Online training

Ha! It’s not what you think, but now that you are here, read on…

Since it’s my forty-mumbleish birthday in a few months, I have decided that I should be in the best shape of my life right now. Truly. I have the time, I have no excuse, I live at the frigging beach for goodness’ sakes!

I can thank good Dutch genes and self awareness (versus physical activity and a good diet) for the … Continue Reading

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