Back shot

Do you know how hard it is to show off back muscles? Yeah, really hard.

Still, I managed it by pretending to do lat pullups on some outdoor equipment in the park.


Back muscles!

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  1. Blimey Ferns yer gettin’ all scary an stuff there! You aren’t going to mutate into one of those body building types I hope?

    *munches chocs while idly thinking about exercise*

    1. *laugh* I know that by ‘scary’ you mean ‘awesome’! Thank you!

      My body fights me on the building muscle, so no, there’s no chance of any mutation!


  2. Ferns, just discovered your site via FL.

    Will devour this as time permits, but wanted to start by saying how much I enjoy your writing. Your intuitions of what is beautiful in men are stunning. I think many men secretly crave to be seen this way and appreciated so keenly.

    So thank you from the millions pining in silence.

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