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My current challenge wall at rock climbing
My challenge wall at rock climbing

On October 7th, I posted about this being my challenge wall.

Today I made this wall my bitch. Twice.

The second because the first time I fucked it up before I even got to the overhang and fell off twice, so even though I eventually made it to the top, it was ungainly and awkward and Not Good Enough. A few weeks ago I’d have been too spent after tackling it once to give it another try and would have had to move to an easier climb. Today I was good to go again (thank you, crossfit).

The second time I nailed it. It makes me feel strong, powerful, invincible. So good!

Plus I felt an extra little buzz because my ex, who is taller and stronger than me, couldn’t crack it. That shouldn’t make me happy, but it does because it means it was *really* hard.

I’m home now. About to shower, wash my hair. Champagne is in the freezer for a quick cool-down. Glorious new music is playing a little too loudly.

Hello Friday afternoon.


“She’s gonna save me, call me “baby”,
run her hands through my hair.
She’ll know me crazy, sooth me daily,
better yet she wouldn’t care…”

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