Workout crew – end of week update

At the beginning of the week, each of the Ferns workout crew members made a commitment to do a certain number of workouts for the week.

Let’s see how see all went against our goals shall we? *puts on glasses, gets out evaluation sheets*

Ferns – 3
DONE! Not my best work with rather light weights and low intensity, but I have a lovely muscle soreness going on, and I went, so a total win!

Peroxide – 4
THREE OUT OF FOUR. It’s a great start (also, it was his birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peroxide!!)

slapshot – 3
DONE! Despite a really gruelling work schedule this week! Woot!

Naga di Kandang – 2 (travel)
DONE! Go you!! Despite a really stressful week and travel. Great effort!

mysticlez218 – 6
FIVE OUT OF SIX. Mystic was sick and sorry this week, but still managed 5 workouts. FIVE!!! So yay! For the record, Mystic is one of those people who has to be nagged to rest when ill and to stop when injured because her dedication to getting fitter is hugely strong!

Submissive Guy Comics (SCG) – 4
DONE! Four runs!! Just like the comic book hero that he is!

JT Revner – 3
TWO OUT OF THREE. A good starting effort! His logs are… interesting. You should go look. Heh.

Jess Mahler – Flu. Boo!
A week off, hopefully feeling better for next week!


Phew! It’s hard to get back into it after a break, and honestly, if it wasn’t for the workout crew’s support, I’d probably have slacked off. So thanks, and great job everyone!

So dear readers… Are any of you starting (or returning) to exercise this month? How’s that going?

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  1. “Mystic was sick and sorry this week…”

    I was sick and sorry? *laughs* I am not sure what you are talking about with the nagging and not taking it slow. *whistles*

    Everyone did a great job for getting a start this week. Let’s all keep it up!


  2. Congratulations to all of you!

    I have always valued being fit, so never stop. But certainly my adherence to a good excersize regimen waxes and wanes, smile. Lack of sleep is the biggest factor in how easy I can motivate myself.

    This holiday I actually stayed in a good excersiaze routine better than I have many holidays, in large part due to my wife encouraging me to go with her.

    My goals for this spring are to stay in my typical routine of 3 times a week at the gym and 4 times a week at home, to extend the aerobic portion time, and to increase the weight that I lift.

    Keep moving!

    1. Thanks for the congrats greg!

      Well done on the holiday fitness (and it really helps when your partner is with you in it!).

      Those are some great goals (and heavy work!)! Go you! I hope you will update us in the next body project post!


  3. I…um…may have had something to do with the “interesting” nature of JT Revner’s logs. I’ll encourage him to do exercises the app actually recognizes this week.

    And I’m on my way to the gym now. Still can’t do yoga, pilates, or arm/upper body workouts til my hand finishes healing from carpal tunnel surgery, but cardio is a go.

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