Workout crew – into the new year!

I’m trying something new to kick the Ferns Workout Crew (#fwocrew) into the new year.

I took a look at all of our public workout logs over the weekend and noticed a distinct lack of activity for most of us (me included) in the last few (erm… many?!) weeks. Completely understandable of course: I mean, holidays, Christmas, food, booze, travel etc. Mysticlez218 has been the standout with consistently awesome gym-going and good eating habits.

So this week, I’ve asked all of my esteemed workout buddies to commit to a number of workouts for the week. I’m posting it here for public accountability and encouragement (ordered by ‘when they joined the workout crew’).

Ferns – 3
Peroxide – 4
slapshot – 3
Naga di Kandang – 2 (travel)
mysticlez218 – 6
Submissive Guy Comics (SCG) – 4
JT Revner – 3
Jess Mahler – Flu. Boo!

At the end of the week, I will report how we did here on the blog, and there will be much celebrating with whooping and hollering and dancing in the streets…!!


Note: I am super protective of this group of folks and they are trusting me to put what is very personal information about their efforts out there in public, so encouraging comments only please (I know I probably don’t really need to say that, but I’m only too aware that motivation is a delicate flower and easily scuppered)!

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  1. “…dancing in the streets”

    Will you be dancing naked?! :P Hey can’t blame a lesbian for trying. *laughs* Go team go! We can all do it! I am going strong for now but I am sure there will be days I will need a good swift kick in the arse. Especially doing my workout from home. It seems harder to remain motivated when doing workout from home than when going to a gym.


    1. “It seems harder to remain motivated when doing workout from home than when going to a gym.”

      I can sooo understand that. I think there’s something in the ‘process of going’ and ‘well, now I’ve got myself here…’, that sort of mental machination.

      Either way, you are doing great!


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