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Further to your ‘yes!’ to a kissing date, I’m going to give you some detail so you know what to expect.

It’s a date for the sole purpose of kissing. Just that. No food, no drinks, no chit chat, no hanging out, no going anywhere.

  • Kissing, stroking, petting (and some other naturally related things that flow from it… see below): yes.
  • Chit chat, fucking, orgasms: no.

I’d play it by ear, but I want to be a little careful with you. The following list of things are in the realms of possibility (it’s not a ‘will do’ list, it’s a ‘maybe-possibly-might-go-there’ list where I try and cover off anything that might take my fancy with you): Let me know if any of these are a ‘no’ or if you have concerns. This gives you an idea of the (possible) scope and gives me an idea of the boundaries.

  • Kissing (duh) (if any body parts are off limits, let me know)
  • Shirt off
  • Pants off (underwear stays on)
  • Nudity (yours, of course :))
  • Kneeling
  • Blindfold
  • Bondage (light: wrist/ankle cuffs, tied to a bed)
  • Light biting (doesn’t hurt much, just so you feel it)
  • Heavy biting (harder, probably hurts (I’m good at judging ‘how much’ before it’s ‘too much’ unless you are completely non-responsive, then we’re both screwed on the ‘judgement’ bit :))
  • All over body touching (i.e. tell me if any parts of your body are off limits)
  • All over body licking (as above)*
  • Either of the above reversed (i.e. making you touch/lick me)*
    *I want to be perfectly clear here that some kind of full-on oral sex is NOT what I’m implying with this. If my mouth HAPPENS to end up somewhere in that region of your body then some glancing contact might be expected. Similarly if I HAPPEN to hover some body part near your mouth, then the same applies. Not to be confused with a focus on it)
  • Bruises on areas normally covered by clothes (incidental, might be caused by biting)
  • Bruises elsewhere (neck is probably the biggest risk area: some people bruise like delicate flowers there so if it’s a problem, I will be super careful)
  • Hand over mouth (gentle, not restricting breathing)
  • Hand around throat (gentle, not choking)
  • Fingers in your mouth
  • Gagging (fingers down throat)
  • Hair pulling (not sure you have enough hair for this :))
  • Face slapping
  • Body slapping
  • Pinching

Phew… I think that covers all the maybe-possibly-might-go-theres *smile*.

You can wear whatever you like, but I’d like you in black boxer briefs underneath (e.g. like these).

As to when: I’m flexible, but I’m eyeing off next Saturday afternoon if you’re free. I’m happy to come to you, but you would have to be comfortable inviting me into your home and into your bedroom. If that’s too much too soon, you can come to me.

Let me know what you think, ask any questions, raise any concerns etc.

Loves: 10
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  1. That sounds like a spectacular date plan! *jealous twinge*
    I’m looking forward to hearing all about it… You do that sort of thing, so very well

  2. I see you you are keeping the Moo Motherfucker! in the background, possibly wise I am not sure why, some people are just jumpy I guess

  3. Nice to find my way back and your honesty remains sincerely the honest Aussie directness have come to respect and admire M’LADY Fern smiles

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