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[He (re-)introduced himself with the line “How is it possible that you are still single?”, then asked if we could be ‘friends’ (again)]

Hello dude-I-haven’t-spoken-to-in-ages-who-suddenly-wants-to-be-friends,

I remember chatting to you.

I seem to recall you had quite the interest in boots or shoes and incessantly returned to it as a topic of conversation. When I redirected the conversation to more interesting topics, you bailed.

That was fine with me, no big deal. It was a casual chat, and of course nobody wants to spend time on exchanges that aren’t interesting to them. I harbour no bad feelings about it, but I’m not sure why you are reaching out now since I think we arrived at a natural conclusion to our interactions.


[for the record, he never replied :P]

And that, Dave, is why I’m single… (ref)

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  1. It’s always nice to know I’m not the worst person that frequently / occasionally reconnects with your blog. And honestly, it sometimes seems like I am.

    I have no particular interest in shoes or feet. I like sunsets and dogs.

    And now it’s time to disappear off into a realm of Spotify and Gin.

    Here is a genuinely invigorating song:

      1. Apologies for the noise, if that means anything.

        I have no right to post on your blog in the way I have. I’ve been an intermittent ass for a while, and there are probably other parts of the internets that would be more fitting of my limited talents that here.

        Merry Christmas!

        1. I leave messy comments like these from time to time. Have done for years.

          I took your response as an entirely justifiable rebuke – unsolicited blog comments aren’t on the email scale. Was actually a little presumptuous to assume one even registers on the rebuke scale.

          Honestly do wish you merry Christmas. You’ve said before that it can be a little difficult. For me too. Dropped an almost complete pasty on the floor in a shopping centre today while trying to politely avoid the Christmas bustle.

          Even Jesus didn’t have to deal with that on his birthday.

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