Come and sit in on a chat with me…

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Do you want to sit in on a chat with me? Pretend we are in a bar, having some champagne, and having a cosy little chat? You can, sort of!

Unspeakable Axe and I talked for nearly three hours when he interviewed me for Masocast. His interview style is lovely, so it’s a low key, casual, friendly chat where we cover a whole range of topics.

He then had to trawl through my ramblings to edit it down to about an hour and twenty minutes (nice work, Axe!).

Over an hour of me talking!!! I KNOW, IT’S TOO MUCH!!!

Most quotable quotes:

“…I was such a cyber-slut, it was unbelievable!”

“…throwing their vaginas around in people’s faces!”

“It was the most incredible thing I’d ever felt…”

“One of them looked like Johnny Depp, I swear… oh my god!!”

“…he was carrying the stench of panic on him…”

“I just wanted to find someone, get them in a room, flog them, “get out”…”

“He says ‘I walk in the door, you kick me in the nuts, tell me to get naked, grab me by the hair and smash my face into the wall…'”

“There is a dominant female hive mind…”

Moo, motherfucker!

Go and listen, be amused, bemused, bored, fascinated, *something*. It’s here:

>> Masocast interview with me <<

Tell me what you think, ask me questions, tell me how wrong I am, come and talk to me about it…

Edited to add: I have since done more interviews with the lovely Axe. You can find them here:
Another chat with me
Come eavesdrop on another chat
Another femdom interview for Masocast

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  1. I loved the interview! Not only did you sparkle (in a very Dommely way) I liked the style of the interviewer as well.

    I especially like the part where you advise a new Domme and sub to write out what a perfect day would be for each of them. I’m sure that, in many cases, they are shocked to realize that their expectations would be so different.

    I know I told you this before, but I really *DO* love your laugh.

    1. *smile* So glad you enjoyed it, slapshot, and I am impressed you listened to the whole thing so quickly!

      You deserve a cookie!

      I know I told you this before, but I really *DO* love your laugh.

      Oh, thank you!


  2. I’m seconding what slapshot said about the “write out your perfect day” advice. I don’t have anyone specific to share that kind of thing with, but I’m thinking about what it would be like. I have a much better idea what the beginning and end of the day look like than the middle.

    1. *nod nod* You should!

      I think if you make it realistic and not a fantasy-scene-based thing, you can get a really good picture of the type of relationship you want to have.

      Then if you do a week, a month, a YEAR, you start to get a big picture view also.


  3. Every once in a while I ask myself “How the hell did Ferns develop such a large, dedicated following?” and then you come up with yet another reason that makes me say “Oh, yeah – now I remember!”

    1. Awwww… so sweet. Thank you, Tom!

      (I’m even going to overlook that fact that you appear to be saying that you *question my awesomeness* sometimes (wha??! shocker!!)…)


  4. I enjoyed hearing your voice and your sweet honesty. I kept waiting in your chronology/history for a nod to Bitchy Jones, but that’s ok, you’ve gone way, way beyond her at this point. Thanks for your lovely self.

    1. *smile* Thank you for the lovely compliment; any mention of me in the same sentence as Bitchy Jones is very flattering!

      I adored Bitchy Jones, I was so bummed when she stopped writing! She was indeed one of the very few I found who was writing about non-stereotypical female dominance with her special brand of humour, sarcasm and personal stories (LOVE!). I still have her on my blog roll!


  5. I just listened to this, and it was great, especially as a new reader of your blog. Your recounting of flogging the jerk vanilla guy in the club left me absolutely breathless. Cheers from a fellow former cyber slut!

  6. Ferns, you were great!! I was so pleased to see that you were on the great Masocast because I very much enjoy most everything you post and agree with almost all of it. And you hit a home run! You sound a bit like Annie Lennox, which is of course a compliment.

    I agree with you on so many things you said. One I will point out is how relationships sometimes progress in which one partner will remove over time many of the things from the relationship which makes the other partner happy and how the other partner ends up with a relationship which is not close to what they wanted. It’s sad, really.

    I had the same sort of reaction to BDSM chatrooms. They were great back in the day (mid-1990s for me). I too was a cyberslut, strange as it seems considering my life now, every night after work. I spelled well and wrote in complete sentences – what more could someone want? lol I can’t believe you played as a gay man on there!

    Your description of your first S&M experience with that second guy was great. I loved hearing about the passion you had for that experience because I only know the subby side but you made me understand how you felt.

    Also, your description of putting your hand on the back of your LDR’s neck and how he sunk into it is very similar to how I felt first meeting my wife after meeting her online and talking on the phone for every night for 3 months. I put my head on her shoulder as our first physical contact and it felt so natural.

    Anyway, great interview! And Axe is great, too!!

  7. Great interview!! Love your openness, courage and how down-to-earth you are!

    Image posing as a gay guy! I confess to reading gay literature and having it fan my primal domination fantasies… but…. um, couldn’t pose as one.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Curse you and you’re incredibly attractive voice. I’m going to go and bundle from the cold and try not to think of Australia’s warmth and warm accents!

  9. This day just keeps getting better and better it seems. I was just thinking this morning how really awesome it would be to know what Your voice sounds like, to be able to hear You. Then I found this in my search to go back to the beginning of Ferns. Beautiful accent. I enjoyed the interview very much with Your honest answers, intriguing background, and humor.

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the You pretending to be a gay bottom but did not have the patience for that.

    Thank You again, it always a pleasure to have insight into Ferns.


    1. *smile* It is fun for me when people comment on old posts, thank you!

      And pffftt… I have no accent! Everyone knows that!!

      I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the You pretending to be a gay bottom but did not have the patience for that.

      That makes me laugh also. “Just fucking PICK ME ALREADY, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!! Ugh, fuck this, I’m done!”


  10. ~laughs~ well let me give you another laugh..Not only am I a lesbian but my brother is a gay Top.

    Yes for fun when she aggravates me we tell our mother she had to have had a Gay gene hahaha

    He used to go through trying to have cyber sex with men on the internet. I could so see him being one of the dumbasses to fall for it at that time


  11. but P.S Older Dominants are so freaking HOT!!! haha
    I had to go back and add that.


  12. Gender switching the Story of O would be fantastic! If it is not your thing, then change what O wears instead of feminizing him.

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