Morning routine: Revisit

I wrote about my very dommely morning routine some years ago. My routine has changed since then, plus I’ve moved, so I no longer see the mountains out of my bedroom window: Boo. So I thought I’d do an update for those who are curious.

I’m a creature of habit, it makes me feel calm and settled to go through the familiar motions of things. This means I am entirely predictable which is a bonus for my submissive who would, of course, want to learn how he might anticipate my needs.

  • I wake up with the light. Even though I have double curtains on my floor-to-ceiling deck doors, the doors face east, and in summer the relentlessly bright sun still finds ways to shout at me before I want to get up.
  • I sleepily take stock to see how awake I am the first time my eyes flutter open. Not really awake? Don’t have to pee? Then I will reach over for a black cotton sleep mask that sits on my pile of books on the bedside table and pop it on and see if my body will slip back under.
  • Sleeping or even dozing is a crap shoot at that point. Sooner or later, though, I’m done. I’m awake.
  • Opening my eyes, I will look at the light in the room and guess the time, then compare it to the digital clock (yes, an actual old school clock!). I’m normally right within 10-15 minutes and for some reason that makes me happy.
  • I’ll get up and pee, then get back into bed, fumble for my phone and earbuds, and determinedly NOT look at my social media or notifications while I find a 20-30 minute meditation to do in the Insight Timer app.
    Sometimes I will search for something new (you can search by length and benefit (though I’m unconvinced the categories mean much, you can choose from things like ‘anxiety’, ‘stress’, ‘motivation’ etc)), but often I will go to one of my bookmarked ones since new ones that I don’t end up liking are frustrating so have the opposite effect I’m wanting.
    As an aside, I looked at my stats just now and I’ve done 290 days and 9,100 minutes of meditation since May 4 2020 when I started so yeah, I guess I’m ‘a person who meditates’ now.
  • I start the meditation, and get my red light apparatus to do red light therapy while I’m meditating (‘apparatus’ sounds somehow technical, but I’ve just made a triangular frame that I can put two therapeutic red lights in, and I lie under it while my face and chest get the benefits)
  • Sometimes I will do e-stim kegels at the same time with a device I bought a while back for both practical and fun reasons. It’s entirely passive electric-pulse kegels, which is great for very lazy people :P. I suspect that would be super-arousing for many folks (the other reason I bought it :)), but it’s not for me: My vagina is more ‘Exercise? Yeah, okay fine.’
  • As you see in the above, there’s some sweet multi-tasking going on while I’m essentially lying there doing nothing: My favourite kind of multi-tasking :).
  • When the meditation is finished, I get the red light off the bed, take out the e-stim device if I’m using it, and stretch a little, see how I feel physically and mentally.
  • If there’s even an inkling of interest, I’ll masturbate. It’s not a luxurious love-fest: It’s generally short and functional with very wrong and violent mental images in my head driving me on. I’m using an insertable these days, with my fingers on my clit same as it ever was.
    (with the insertable, I don’t do anything with it (no thrusting, no g-spot finding, no vibrating). Just it being there is enough. The impact of this is new: I could always take or leave having something in my vagina, but in the last few months, it has made my orgasms super strong and it’s ah-mazing. I don’t know what’s changed or why, but I’m loving it).
  • Afterwards, I don’t loll about in bed. I pretty much get up straight away. I sleep naked, so pad about in the nude. I open the curtains and the deck door, and look out into the park. I have glimpses of the ocean from there and it always makes me happy.
  • I make the bed roughly (since I just throw the doona and blankets to the side when I go to bed, it literally takes me 5 seconds to throw them back over the bed), go into the bathroom, wash the toys if used.
  • I check my face in the mirror, sometimes I smile at her if she seems like she’s open to it, and put on deodorant.
  • Head out into the living room, uncover the TV (always covered with a cloth when I’m not using it, everything rusts here), turn it on at the wall, and unroll my yoga mat which sits in the corner of the living room. Turn on youtube, find the Yoga with Adriene video I was up to, and start it up. It’s normally between 20 and 30 minutes, and I am woefully bad at it.
  • At the end: Palms together, last deep breath, namaste, I do another self-check. I don’t enjoy the yoga, but it generally puts me in a better mood than I was before I started (unless it was an egregiously uncoordinated and awkward flailing of a session, which it sometimes is).
  • I head back into the bathroom and do a face care routine that sounds more long winded than it is (I looked back on my old ‘morning routine’ post and I was all ‘wash my face with water, there done’… Ahh, sweet summer child… But my routine now is almost the same as the one I detailed in 2019):
    • Microcurrent: I use the Nuface Trinity (a microcurrent device, courtesy of my former finsub :)) several days a week. This involves wetting my face, putting on a conducting gel, doing the treatment, then wiping off the gel with a face washer, and doing a final water rinse
    • Wash: If I don’t use the Nuface, I wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
    • Anti-oxidant & brightener: Timeless 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum (use HOTANDFLASHY for $5 off)
    • Peptides: I then use The Ordinary Buffet
    • Chemical exfoliation: Then Paula’s Choice Skin Revealing Body Lotion 10% AHA (they have a 10% AHA product for the face also, but when I started buying it, the ingredients were exactly the same and the face one was nearly 10 times the price (as it is now). The ingredients aren’t the same now)
    • Moisturiser with niacinamide: Then I apply Cerave PM
    • A note: If you want to try any of these, I strongly suggest you introduce one at a time into any skin care routine because that’s a LOT and some individual products or combinations can cause irritation (I just checked The Ordinary’s site and at some point, they added that you shouldn’t use the Buffet with Vitamin C which never used to be the case: Not sure if that’s to do with efficacy or irritation so need to check into that).
  • I put a little handwash on a nailbrush and scrub my palms and nails (the Vitamin C tends to stain)
  • Then I brush my teeth, and while I’m doing that I wander around the apartment opening curtains and windows and looking out into the world at large. Sometimes there are people running in the park, folks walking their doggos, surfers running down to the beach.
  • After brushing, I throw on a summer dress, and start my day.
  • First I turn Loki on, then I head into the kitchen to make coffee.

Good morning :).



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  1. What a wonderfully detailed insight to enjoy, just as I was starting my day, thank you so much for sharing.
    You did preface it as a tool/aid for your submissive but you seem to have everything down pat. Maybe they could; open the curtains, make the bed, layout out your face care products, cue up Adriene and Benji then start the coffee?

    1. Thanks Sean. I do have it all down pat. I don’t NEED anyone to do anything for me, but it would be a sweet form of service.

      And yes to all of those great ideas.

      Also lay out & put away my yoga mat, put toothpaste on my toothbrush… :).


  2. You’re so organized!

    I’m like…

    Slap at alarm when it goes off
    Cover my head with my pillow
    Go back to sleep
    Flop noisily out of bed and stomp to the bathroom when I absolutely MUST


    I am NOT a morning person. ;)

    1. Bahahaha! I only just realised that it really does sound like I’m a morning person and I’m really shocked by that, frankly.

      My brain doesn’t fire well in the morning and I’m grumpy if someone is trying to talk to me, but a fixed and familiar routine is a kind of muscle-memory low-effort start to the day.

      I think having the luxury of letting my body say ‘yeah, kinda done with this sleep thing now’ vs an alarm rudely going ‘GET THE FUCK UP!’ makes a big difference tbh.


  3. Odd, I get up snarl at my bladder for being so stupid. . . Look at the damn time, pee go back to bed and lie there bitching about everything till I grumble myself out of bed. Descend on the kitchen like an avenging angel drink coffee and suddenly everything is better.

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