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NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics is also doing a post for our NaBloWriMo project]


greg made this comment on my last:

Thought provoking post. I never thought about it this way. It makes sense, but it sounds difficult to sort out…

I never really thought about it this way before either and I think it IS difficult to sort out. The fact that we all subconsciously navigate this all the time (sometimes well, sometimes poorly) is … Continue Reading

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NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a post for our NaBloWriMo project]


I’ve just started reading Ann St Vincent’s blog. It’s a very personal sex and relationship blog, not femdom, but one of those wonderful blogs where the author shares themselves in such a way that you become engaged in their story.

She has recently talked about Andrew, a new man in her life (part 1, part 2 of recent developments), and … Continue Reading

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I call him ‘puppy’

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a ‘puppy‘ post for our NaBloWriMo project]


“Do you know how long we have known each other? I don’t know either, but it’s over 6 years. SIX YEARS!”

I messaged him on CollarMe so long ago, a cold call. He was very active on the forums: smart and funny, and an incorrigible flirt. His profile had a photo of his back then, broad and overtanned, tapering off … Continue Reading

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NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics also did a post on ‘home’ for our NaBloWriMo project]


“When are you coming home?” she asked.

The question that used to be a sweetness between them hung in the air for a second before it dissipated into the empty room. She followed it with an ugly laugh that was much too loud.

She took another drink.… Continue Reading

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My Mistress: The movie, an update

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics also did a post for our NaBloWriMo project]


I mentioned My Mistress the movie previously, but a question in my Asks reminded me that the release date was around now: It has indeed been released in Australia and is showing in the Palace Cinemas (a small independent chain).

This is not so much an ‘ask me’ as a ‘share with me’…. [Interview with Stephen Lance about the film]. I’d like Continue Reading

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I want you to be silent

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics is also doing a post on ‘subtle cues’ for our NaBloWriMo project]


I don’t remember how we stumbled upon each other out in the internet void.

I was chatting a lot then, trawling for articulate cyber-sexers, seemingly voracious for that kind of mental masturbation.

His name was Dana, I remember looking him up when he gave me his details, being surprised to find that he was involved in politics. I never asked … Continue Reading

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Oh, that voice

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a post for our NaBloWriMo project]


There is a tone I didn’t even realise I used when we played, or perhaps more accurately, when I was turned on and tuned into him.

He mentioned it early on. “Oh, that voice…” he said softly, almost a moan, his own tone dropping in response.

I paid attention then. It is quiet, slow, deliberate, concentrated, slightly deeper than my normal speaking voice, … Continue Reading

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