Oh, that voice

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There is a tone I didn’t even realise I used when we played, or perhaps more accurately, when I was turned on and tuned into him.

He mentioned it early on. “Oh, that voice…” he said softly, almost a moan, his own tone dropping in response.

I paid attention then. It is quiet, slow, deliberate, concentrated, slightly deeper than my normal speaking voice, resonating from the back of my throat. It’s almost calming, unconsciously designed to wash over him, like some relentless wave of water that simply and inevitably envelopes anything in its path.

He recognised it before I did and I love that, when unintentional behaviours on my side become something that he reacts violently to. I am not good at deliberate provocations: acting a certain way to elicit certain responses. It makes me feel cheesy, ridiculous, so it only works for me when ‘the way I am’ hits something in him just right.

It became a trigger, an unconscious kind of training, where I could whisper in his ear in ‘that voice’ and he would drop like a stone into sub space, cock hard, eyes glazed. Incredible, beautiful.

“Oh, that voice…” he would say.

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  1. Hrrrrmmmm…gah…. I am in cock hard subspace just from having read this! Audio please! (Though I fear where hearing that might leave me!)

    1. *smile* I’m glad you liked it, though I think that kind of audio is too intimate to share, even for a chronic over-sharer like me.


  2. Oh wow this is so funny. I was just discussing “that voice” or what I actually called “that tone” today with someone and how she uses unknowingly and how it affects me. You are inside my mind today apparently.


  3. I was also just talking to Sir a few days ago about what I call his “Dom Voice”. It’s got a different cadence to it and the second his voice changes it’s like my whole body snaps to attention automatically. It invokes a literal physical response.

    1. *smile* I’m wondering if maybe MANY of us have a version of it, either knowingly or unknowingly.

      Dom-voice, sub-voice, sex-voice… it makes sense. And now I want to listen to audio porn…


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