NaNo wrap up

Look look!!!

50,144 words!!

Yay me!!!

Now, the 50k words are, sadly, mostly drivel. My last post was one of the better snippets (and I still had to work on it for quite a while to make it readable). That’s okay, that’s the *point* of NaNo, to get volume sans editing and overthinking.

So… what now?

I am having a book cover done by a graphic designer (just for fun!), so when she gives me … Continue Reading

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Face fuck

You in a darkened room, alone, tied up.
Hands together, ankles together.
You are kneeling.
You are waiting.
And waiting.

The door opens.

Light from the room beyond blinds you; seems you have been there quite a while.
You squint, shield your eyes, see a silhouette, that’s all.

The door closes, dark again.

Three long strides and you are shoved backwards from your kneel.
Your tied hands are pulled up over your head, you shuffle … Continue Reading

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What I am doing

Things I have done today:

  • Removed old toenail polish
  • Cut and filed my nails
  • Buffed newly cropped nails
  • Moisturised my feet
  • Written emails to friends
  • Perused blogs
  • Read various Fetlife threads
  • Ripped the hairs out of my legs
  • Made lunch
  • Browsed fabulous shoes on the internet
  • Followed random web links
  • Shared irrelevancies on Twitter
  • Looked at sand in my apartment and wondered how it got there
  • Considered washing my car
  • Washed up
  • Decided what wine
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Red hot poker

NaNo is forcing me to post completely random things here because:
a) I have no mental energy to actually *write* anything,
b) posting *anything* here makes me feel like I’ve at least done *something*, and
c) I am procrastinating and therefore fucking about, and in said fuckery I am finding being sent random ‘stuff’ that tickles me.

Like this:

  1. Heat the end of a bent paper clip (or a similar size metal wire) over an
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NaNo – Erotic fiction snippet

Jack has a new bucket. It is a nice bucket. It is red. Jack likes his red bucket in a special way. Jack takes his pants off.

Yeah, that lowered your expectations, didn’t it?!

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For the malesub NaNo-ers

By Oglaf.

See how helpful I am?

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On frantic writing

“Giving yourself permission to write horribly is a really liberating process.”
– Chris Baty (founder of NaNoWriMo)

With that in mind, I am taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November, along with *every other blogger in the world who thinks they have a novel in them* (that’s ALL of us, you realise that, right?).

The objective of NaNo (see, how I am shortening it, like I am one of the cool kids?!) … Continue Reading

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