My Mistress: The movie, an update

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I mentioned My Mistress the movie previously, but a question in my Asks reminded me that the release date was around now: It has indeed been released in Australia and is showing in the Palace Cinemas (a small independent chain).

This is not so much an ‘ask me’ as a ‘share with me’…. [Interview with Stephen Lance about the film]. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this ;)

Thank you for sharing that, anonymous asker! *smile*

I like the approach that Stephen Lance seems to have taken with the movie and how he talks about it in that he has been deliberately downplaying the shock factor of the S&M content in favour of the emotional content. Of course the marketing does the opposite and that grates some, but it’s understandable. Still, I’ve seen a few interviews with Lance, and I think he handles it well.

In my film the S&M is just a doorway into what’s really going on between the couple – loss and grief and finding your way through that.

I do think there are problematic themes (the big ones being the boy’s youth and ‘BDSM as therapy’), but I have no comment to make on that until I see it and see how it’s handled. Problematic themes handled well can be wonderful. And honestly, if anyone is expecting ‘the perfect movie to represent BDSM’, I don’t think that’s realistic (‘perfectly healthy people in a flourishing happy relationship’ is not interesting viewing material).

The movie critics so far have been relatively positive and some practically glowing. By contrast, the few kinkster reviews I have seen were more critical because their perspective is less ‘how is it as a movie’ and more ‘how does it represent us’.

The producers have released two preview clips (you can see the trailer here).

First meeting between Charlie and Maggie

Sneak preview

It’s nearly a 3 hour drive for me to go see it, but see it I will!

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  1. Looks fascinating. Certainly much better than the ’50 Shades’ that will be released here in February. And of course the F/m is far more to my liking. ;)

    ~ Vista

  2. Why’s the youth an issue?

    Thanks for not spoiling it, as I’ve not had a chance to see it.

    Also, oh god, their twitter is just, ugh, just ugh. Such stereotypes, much porn, such wow.

    @MistressNikita @wylde64 those bois in Florida don't know what they're in for— My Mistress Movie (@MyMistressMovie) August 13, 2014

    1. He’s 16, so it opens up accusations of exploitation of minors (and links BDSM to the concept) even though it’s over the age of consent in most places (I have no idea if they have sex, btw).

      Interestingly, another F/m movie (one that I really like for the humanity in it) also has a 16yo male submissive (Verfolgt/Punish Me).


      1. Ah, gotcha, gotcha.
        In my state, it’s legal if she’s within a few years. IE, under 18.
        If we go to a neighboring state, as long as she’s under 40, it’s a ticket, like running a stop light / community service. XD

        1. Here age of consent holds regardless of the age of your partner (unless they are ‘under your care’), but in some states it’s 17 (New York state also, interestingly). Anal sex has special rules in QLD because, you know, teh gays.

          Even still, the ‘association with BDSM’ issue is less about legalities and more about making that link in mainstream media.


    1. Thanks so much for the question and for the lovely compliment *smile*.

      I’d have missed the movie altogether if not for your prompt (it was only showing for a week)! I went and saw it: I’ll post my thoughts soon.


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