Rage: Retribution – Cover reveal

A malignant narcissist brings a country to its knees.
One angry femdom has had enough.
By the time she’s done with him, she will have changed everything.

I’m delighted to give you the first look at the cover for ‘Rage: Retribution’ (well, fine: the second look for anyone who’s on my mailing list since you’ve seen it already :)).

About the book

A millionaire reality-TV star somehow becomes president. He unleashes a new age of ignorance and hatred upon the country, tainting everything he touches with his own particular flavour of corruption and greed. He lies to the people, applauds … Continue Reading

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‘Rage’ is not a femdom story

Truth be told, I’m not sure where to put this.

So of course, I’m putting it here.

I originally thought of my new (work-in-progress) fiction book, ‘Rage’, as ‘a femdom story’. In fact, I originally called it ‘Rage: A Femdom Story‘.

But this book is ‘a story about femdom’ in the same way that ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is ‘a story about clocks’.

I’m a dominant woman and the protagonist in the book is ‘alternative-universe-me’: Also a dominant woman who uses the ‘tools of BDSM’ (restraints, canes, force, pain etc) to express and exorcise unfathomable anger.

The book … Continue Reading

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Happy Femdom Stories Volume 2 is out!

Happy Femdom Stories V2

I’m delivering happies!!

In case you aren’t aware, I’ve been collecting real-life stories from folks in happy F/m relationships as part of my ‘happy femdom project‘ for quite a few years now. I released Happy Femdom Stories Volume 1 about a year ago and I’m so delighted to have 25 more wonderful stories to share in Volume 2.

We don’t hear enough about real femdom relationships: Not fantasy, not porn, but genuine folks sharing their stories of finding each other and building their unique femdom relationships. The stories are hopeful and uplifting and happy-making.

This volume includes … Continue Reading

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Rage & happies, #dommelife

© Sharyn Ferns (I've been writing: Read more about this below!)

Summer isn’t here yet, but it’s coming with a vengeance. Around 35C (95F) these last couple of days, a lazy heat-haze hanging thick over the water. It shouldn’t officially be hot for another month, but here we are.

I’m back to light sarongs, wide-open windows to try and catch cool-ish breezes, blessed iced coffee in the mornings.

As for #dommelife, hmmm…

I’ve been doing some more study this year: Finished a 2 year web technology course in 7 months with my final subject completed at the end of September. I had been alternatively cruising, then smashing out subjects really quickly … Continue Reading

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He followed her home #amwriting

CopyrightSnippet from fiction WIP by Sharyn Ferns

Yesterday I woke up with an F/m fiction story almost fully formed in my mind.

This has never happened. NEVER.

I don’t write fiction, I just don’t get story ideas like that, and long form isn’t my strength. When I’ve tried to force it (and I have tried), the result feels contrived, flat. I’m reluctant to say ‘I’m not good at it’ for fear of jinxing what I’m writing now, but I have thought that for a long time (and I’ve absolutely said it out loud before).

But I wrote some 20 pages of it yesterday, madly putting down what … Continue Reading

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Amazon dominated by femdom book!


After my my last post where I announced that Happy Femdom Stories Volume 1 is available for free, I asked people all over social media to join in to see if we could get a book about real-life F/m relationships to the #1 spot on Amazon.

We didn’t quite make it, but my goodness we had a good run at it.

The peak results looked like this:

#604, and #1 and #3 in two categories.

#216, and #1 in both categories.

#705, and #1 in two categories.

For context, there … Continue Reading

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FREE: Happy Femdom Stories Volume 1


Not only is it free, I’m rallying F/m folks to try and get this book to #1 on Amazon. I know: That’s crazy-talk.

A femdom book at #1 on a mainstream behemoth?! CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW GLORIOUS THAT WOULD BE FOR A BRIEF SHINING MOMENT?!!

So my call to action is this: Even if you don’t care about books, will never read it, don’t even have a kindle: Get it anyway.

Tell your friends to get it, tell strangers to get it, share the link, forward this blog post, tweet it, #SOSS … Continue Reading

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