He followed her home #amwriting

Yesterday I woke up with an F/m fiction story almost fully formed in my mind.

This has never happened. NEVER.

I don’t write fiction, I just don’t get story ideas like that, and long form isn’t my strength. When I’ve tried to force it (and I have tried), the result feels contrived, flat. I’m reluctant to say ‘I’m not good at it’ for fear of jinxing what I’m writing now, but I have thought that for a long time (and I’ve absolutely said it out loud before).

But I wrote some 20 pages of it yesterday, madly putting down what was in my head. I made myself cry with my own writing (sad bits, oh my). I haven’t re-read it yet. I’m hoping I’m still excited about it when I sit down to it a bit later.

I tried to write a synopsis here for you, but I have a very delicate hold on the work and I started to get frustrated with not being able to come up with something that worked, so I had to drop it.

The line I like best from it right now:

Unfathomable sorrow is noisy and relentless.

Fingers crossed I can keep hold of my muse so you will get to see the result.

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  1. 20 pages? Wow, I used to write a little fiction in high school and uni, but I am pretty confident I never wrote that much in one go! I can only imagine how it must have felt from your perspective. I have to say, I am a little jealous. Waking up with an idea that inspires you that much is a pretty good feeling.

  2. Never synopsize til you know what you’ve got and only do so at first for yourself – – it can be a writing tool, a way of getting the thing clear in your own mind. . One often discovers what one is really writing about while writing or just having written a first draft. A synopsis for others (and for advertising purpose in a commercial venture) is much easier, for one thing (synopsizing – – is that a word? — is a kind of art in and of itself), and the results are also much better after fiddling around with a first draft or outright writing a second.

    1. Ha! Thanks. I meant more ‘tell my friends (you good folks!) what I was writing about’ vs ‘marketing spiel’ :).

      Synopsizing is TOTALLY a word (shaddap spell check!) :P.


  3. When I was reading this story, I recalled an F/m web site. The site mentioned that one way for a male to show submission is to walk behind the Domme.

  4. Reading as a male sub, that’s just so awesome. I think it should definitely be allowed for registered, genuine, not-normally-creepy subs to follow a lovely, domme-y woman around for a bit, or home, or whatever. I can completely live in that world and be very happy in it. You just need a corresponding “no, not interested” or “oh alright, you can follow me around a bit more” signal for the lovely domme-y lady to use.
    Any plans to implement a trial scheme of this anywhere? Really, just anywhere at all. Let me know.

    1. In this case, the context of this little snippet makes it very clear that she expects him to follow.

      And if I ever create a little community where this is a thing, I will let you know :).


  5. Anonymous has some interesting ideas. As the official BDSM scene seems to be based on M/f, it seems to me that Femdom could develop its own customs.

  6. I recall an F/m web site which listed a set of rules for male submissives. One rule was that the submissive should walk behind the Domme.

    Another web site indicated that the submissive male should bow or curtsey to the woman.

    There seem to be a number of dominant women with ideas along these lines.

  7. This post reminded me of a crisp, sunny day last fall. I had just moved to a new city for school, and had inadvertently made friends with a cute girl with long brown hair in my math class. She was tall with a serious yet gentle disposition. She would smile and stick her tongue through her teeth whenever she found something genuinely amusing and wasn’t just laughing out of politeness. She had this immediate effect on me when we first met, I felt like I had been caught like a fish on a hook and all I could do was wait to see if she was going to pull on the line.
    I tagged along with her one day after class when she was running some errands nearby, my excuse being wanting a tour of area, to which she just smiled.
    Pleasant as it was, she was no-nonsense when it came to her errands. She set a brisk pace, and cut decisive paths down the streets and through the many shortcuts. One minute we’d be engaged in joking conversation and then she’d turn sharply, leaving me scrambling to catch up. Every now and then she’d turn her head to make sure I was still following along and smile a charming smile as the rays of the sun turned her hair golden brown. It was in one of those moments, when she abruptly took the lead, that I allowed myself to trail behind for a little longer than normal. Seeing her leading so confidently in that clear, sharp autumn air things seemed to fall into place. I thought to myself “I’d want for nothing if I could just follow you a little longer”

    That was pleasant to relive, thanks for the post Ferns.

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