Rage: Retribution – Cover reveal

A malignant narcissist brings a country to its knees.
One angry femdom has had enough.
By the time she’s done with him, she will have changed everything.

I’m delighted to give you the first look at the cover for ‘Rage: Retribution’ (well, fine: the second look for anyone who’s on my mailing list since you’ve seen it already :)).

About the book

A millionaire reality-TV star somehow becomes president. He unleashes a new age of ignorance and hatred upon the country, tainting everything he touches with his own particular flavour of corruption and greed. He lies to the people, applauds violence, punches down at the powerless, attacks those who stand against him, practises the unthinkable with impunity

A dominant woman watches it unfold in a tableau of horrors, watches him erode every value her country previously stood for.

He represents and encourages the worst of humanity, and each time it seems that he cannot sink any lower, that it cannot possibly get worse, he demonstrates that he can and it does.

Her anger builds until it’s a blinding white-hot rage that consumes her, until she simply cannot bear another second of it.


A femdom driven by rage is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s coming for him, no holds barred.

She’s determined to change everything, no matter what it takes.

The cover

I’m in love with the cover for so many reasons. It could only be more perfect if she had rage-spit flying out of her mouth.

Release details

It will be released in early December 2018. I’m both excited and scared about it, if I’m honest. This story is not only my first piece of fiction, it’s so far outside of anything I normally write about that it’s a little terrifying.

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    1. Yay! I hope you like it.

      I’ve had beta readers for it and I never do that (I’m bad at authoring!): Mainly because I’m so twitchy about it and I’ve lost all perspective :).


  1. On a serious note, I am just wondering if having FemDom on the cover is a wise move, I have been pondering this for a bit. BDSM gets a bad enough press as it is, do we really want to fuel the fires of the hard of thinking?

    1. It’s not on the cover (the cover is the bit on the left, the right is marketing blurb in which it’s definitely front and centre because it’s a key part of her identification).

      Regardless, your point about representation is completely valid and I’ve been angsting about it, including here, (which I know you read, but someone else may have missed it): ‘Rage’ is NOT a femdom story.

      I’m considering putting ‘Not a femdom story’ in the subtitle in my Amazon book listing, plus I have a full page content warning in the book to explain what it is and isn’t.

      In the end, despite my concerns, if I can’t write about something I feel strongly about in a way that expresses what I feel, what am I even doing?

      But yeah. Your point is valid and I’m getting my flak jacket ready.


      1. I didn’t think you would do without thinking /agonising over it fully. We all know you better of course but yeah, I think those ideas are wise. possibly having the disclaimer as part of the peek inside/sample (if you have those options) I will, of course, be buying it!

        1. Yes, the warning is absolutely viewable as a ‘peek inside’ before buying. My book description advises people to go and read it before buying. I appreciate your thoughts, thank you.

          I’m also very aware that the book may have an issue being approved for publishing: I’m putting it in ‘Fiction – Crime’ and ‘Fiction – Political’ categories, but man, those people DO NOT LIKE genre crossing and I know already they will want to put it in ‘Erotica’ (which it’s not). In the ‘Erotica’ category, some of the themes may be in violation of their (vague) content guidelines (they describe ‘offensive content’ as ‘probably about what you would expect’ which leaves them able to reject or ban anything anytime for anything :/).

          If I was organised I’d be preparing to sell it on an independent platform in case that happens. “BANNED BY AMAZON” is a nice marketing byline :).


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