‘Rage: Retribution’, Chapter 1 FREE

‘Rage: Retribution’ will be available on Amazon soon.

In case you missed it, this is the upshot:

A malignant narcissist brings a country to its knees.
One angry femdom has had enough.
By the time she’s done with him, she will have changed everything.

In the meantime, I couldn’t wait to share the first chapter with you to give you a preview of it. FREE STUFF!

Hopefully it will pique your interest enough to go take a look when the book is published.

Just click the button below to grab the PDF.

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  1. But, I need so much MORE than just one chapter! Domme doing a much needed takedown? I need MORE and I need it NOW. It’s like you’re just teasing us here and I know you would never be teasing with us, right?

        1. OMG I totally have this now!!!
          Why the hell has my vernacular suddenly slipped into Valley-Girl mode? OK that’s now totally manly too!
          Thankyou so much for writing this

        2. This is a very beautifully written and startlingly challenging piece of writing. The narrative is deft, effective and the story – like Miss Ferns no sorry I mean Clair – packs one hell of a punch. Will write more once I have time to process because it’s really quite something.
          And yes there is still some very tender sweetness there because Miss Ferns – sorry I mean Clair – is inescapably romantic and has an incredibly soft heart. A soft heart that relentlessly pumps blood and take care of vital business

        3. What a lovely comment and wonderful feedback, thank you so much :)).

          I’m so pleased you enjoyed it.

          If you have more thoughts, I’d love to hear them (on this post though (thought you were talking about Chapter 1 at first :)), and no spoilers!


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