Pornocalypse & Share Our Shit Saturday #SoSS

Social media platforms and financial institutions are notorious for being anti ANY type of sexual or adult content. It’s not just about censorship and hiding the content, but about stopping those dirty dirty sex people from making any money from it by closing down sources of income, promotional avenues, advertising spaces.

In some cases they have users flag their content as adult content. I have zero problem with this. It seems a sensible way to …

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I’m on Molly’s 20 of 2015!

Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss is a wonderful blogger and photographer who you may not be so familiar with because she’s in a M/f relationship and writes from that perspective (this is the only reason why she’s not on my blog roll: not because she isn’t fabulous, but because I specifically keep that for F/m orientated blogs).

We had a lovely chat earlier this year for her Kisscast (an audio clip where you can hear …

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A month of daily writing

I love it so much when SGC does comics just for me. SO GOOD!!
I love it so much when SGC does comics just for me. SO GOOD!!

Last year, the amazingly talented Submissive Guy Comics and I did what we dubbed NaBloRrrrawrMo: a month of writing (me) and drawing (him) as our very own version of November’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

My writing has been languishing here on my blog and elsewhere (heard anything more about my novella? Yeah, me either :/), so while it …

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Femdom Novella: What now?

Thank you so much to everyone who voted and commented on my femdom novella idea.

The results were very encouraging:

femdom novella votes

So, I guess this means I need to write a thing now… ooh look, shiny!!

I’ve set up a mailing list for anyone who is interested in being involved in my writing process and to keep me accountable. That way I will keep it (mostly) off the blog.

I will NOT spam you or

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