Domme Chronicles book: Half price for non-Amazon users

Last month I offered Domme Chronicles on sale on Amazon. This month I’m reaching out to readers who are not on Amazon. Yes, you!

Domme Chronicles: Tales of love, passion & domination, my book of femdom erotica, is HALF PRICE on Smashwords for this week only. Available in mobi (kindle) format AS WELL AS in epub, pdf (and more) versions for non-kindle owners.

Here’s what people said about it in their 5 star reviews:

–“One of the most fascinating collection of stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The author has an amazing ability at capturing your attention in the beginning and keeping you on the edge of your seat…”

–“I found the writing to be both powerful, and evocative… the emotions run from desperate hunger and desire, to incredible sweetness…”

–“Fabulous writer who is witty, smart, sexy & just plain hot. Her stories will suck you in and not let go. Highly recommended for those ‘in the know’ and for the curious. Or…pretty much anyone with a pulse.”

–“Some entries are raw and passionate, some are romantic, some are even touching, and some are a little shocking. Almost all are compelling due to the smart, self-aware and visceral writing.”

As a note, it’s not just me offering a discount on Smashwords: They are having a site-wide ‘Read an Ebook’ sale this week, so it’s worth going over there to check if your favourite authors are participating.

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