Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

This sex toy review for the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo has been a long time coming (hurr hurr ‘coming’, geddit?) because I haven’t had a cock I wanted to test it on.

But after meeting the cutie pie and negotiating using him as a stunt cock, here we are.

I’m going to split the telling of this story into two parts:
1. The toy review (this post) and
2. How our afternoon together went in salacious detail :) (that post still to come)

The Pulse Duo is a quality toy for couples: The device is designed for penis stimulation, … Continue Reading

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First ever hands-free orgasm! (We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection)

I’m talking clitoral orgasm. And not just my first, but my second and then my third… :).

Let me tell you all about it, because hands-free clitoral orgasm!

We-Vibe created the Pleasure Mate Collection some years ago. You know why I wanted to try this collection?

Because sex toy guru Epiphora wrote a rave review about it. I’m not sure when I read it exactly, but when an experienced sex toy user and reviewer raves about a hands-free clitoral orgasm using a particular toy, you better bet I’m paying attention.

So when TabuToys approached me asking if I’d … Continue Reading

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My Mistress: movie review

Long long overdue, though to be fair, the movie wasn’t actually released here until November

I was emotionally engaged from the start with Charlie as a character.

Harrison Gilbertson (who’s actually 21) is wonderful as the 16 year old boy struggling with events in his life. He has an amazingly expressive face that leans towards vulnerability easily, and he plays a very vulnerable character. I could not stop searching his face for hints of what was going on with him. He delivers just the right notes of hurt, angry, confused and throws some beautiful cheekiness in at … Continue Reading

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Winner of “Sweet and Rough”

Thank you so much to everyone who entered.

The winner of ‘Sweet and Rough: Queer Smut‘ by Sinclair Sexsmith is Krystal!

Congratulations, Krystal!

Expect a copy of the book to arrive in your inbox shortly.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.… Continue Reading

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Virtual book tour: Sweet & Rough

Sinclair Sexsmith is one of those erotica writers who makes me envious of the way they express themselves. I have been following their blog, SugarButch Chronicles, since forever, way back when they wrote intimately about their loves and relationships and sex. I would routinely read some turn of phrase in their stories of sexual exploits and be both turned on and eaten up with emerald envy at the way it was expressed.

They were also my primary source for definitive information on the first strap-on harness I ever got since I figured an experienced butch top who had tried … Continue Reading

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Review: Tantus Realdoe

Tantus Realdoe Strapless Strap-on

This toy makes me want to fuck.

I’ve never been one for realistic cocks for strap-on play because who am I fooling? I don’t want or need it to look ‘real’, and I know it won’t. So I tend towards purple, swirly, pretty dildos for strap-on play, and I’ve been really keen to get a gold glittery one (haven’t found one yet!).

But.. but… when I saw the Tantus Realdoe, I really really wanted it. I have a pretty good case of penis envy and this was the closest I was going to get to at … Continue Reading

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Review: Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

I get offers to do sex toy reviews from time to time and I’m usually not really interested. I have no desire to turn this into a review blog. There are many MANY fabulous sex toy reviewers who fill that role extremely well.

BUT I have recently said ‘yes’ to two offers to review toys that I was really interested in because the companies that offered them actually treated me like a real person *gasp* instead of just spamming me with untargetted emails in a mass mailout in the hopes of a hit. So in summary, I am being a … Continue Reading

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