How To Handle Disobedience: Book launch special!

Aaaahhh, my fourth ‘How To’ femdom guide is out, it’s out!!

How To Handle Disobedience, for dominant women

For the first 24 hours post-launch it’s half price on Amazon!

As with my other guides, I’ve honed in on a problem that I see new dominants striking all the time. Some version of the following:
“My submissive won’t do what I say! What do I do?”
“What to do when my submissive says no?”
“What do I do if my submissive disobeys?”
“How do I stop my submissive when they’re being a brat?”

It doesn’t matter whether your submissive forgets to do jobs you’ve asked of them, doesn’t complete tasks you set, thinks it’s fun to disobey, or outright says ‘no’ when you ask something of them, it can be a blow to new (or not new!) dominant’s confidence to feel like their submissive doesn’t respect them or the dynamic.

The book talks about how you can build a dynamic that makes your submissive fall over themselves to obey you, and introduces some clear, simple steps to handle it if they don’t.

SLAPS* is an acronym I’ve come up with to describe 5 practical steps that will not only help handle your submissive’s disobedience, but that will also strengthen the dynamic in the process.

S L A P S:

S – Seek Clarity
L – Listen
A – Agree
P – Punish (optional)
S – Start fresh

SLAPS doesn’t just help to deal with an instance of disobedience, but uses the experience to promote better understand with your submissive, to improve communication, to increase intimacy, and to make the dynamic and relationship better.

Also, I get to say things like ‘Are they being disobedient? Just deliver SLAPS*’ :).

The toolset and strategies in this guide reach wider than simple disobedience and they can be applied more broadly to help improve the relationship, but at its core, it’s about helping dominants handle their submissive’s disobedience.

*This guide does not contain or condone actual slaps!

‘How To Handle Disobedience’ is available for half price on Amazon for 24 hours post-launch. Go get it. Or share it. Or both! :)

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  1. Occasionally, I like crossing the international timeline.

    Actual slaps are like ‘I Love You’ currency.

    Three good slaps grants you a watch of any Star Trek TNG move.

    And it always will. Some principles are steadfast.

      1. I gave my copy of the ‘International Code Of Slaps’ to an occupational therapist from Sheffield, England. She burned it in a plastic wheelie bin, because she was from Sheffield, England.

        I thought she was special, but she wasn’t prepared to go all the way and watch Star Trek Nemesis with me. I even told her that Tom Hardy was in it.

        Your S L A P S system stands on its own. It’s funny, handy and actually quite reasonable.

        P.S. I do condone actual slaps as long as it’s a mutually understood expression of desire and intimacy. Though when you have a fat, bony head and offer to grab a bag of frozen peas for her hand afterwards it kind of spoils the moment.

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