How to submit an anonymous book review on Amazon

How to make your amazon review anonymous

How to submit an anonymous book review on amazon

I know a lot of folks don’t want to associate their name with femdom content at all anywhere ever. I hear ya!

But did you know that you can submit anonymous book reviews on Amazon?

It’s easy: You just edit your display name on your review to something else as shown in the image above.

It doesn’t link back to your profile or real user name or account (it will, however, change the name on all of your reviews, so if you’ve been enthusiastically reviewing random products on Amazon, you may want to avoid putting ‘SexySubBoy’ or similar so it doesn’t turn up on your review of that quilt you bought for your Uncle Frank).

If you’ve read some indie author’s fabulous books, and this information gives you a nudge, please consider dropping them a quick review. It’s a wonderful way to support them and it can make a big difference.

And of course, if you’ve read one of my femdom books and loved it so much that you really wanted to leave a review but putting your name on it was an issue for you, let me help you out by linking to them right NOW :) (if you haven’t read any yet, go get one. Or two. Or all of them).

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