Domme Chronicles book sale: Last day

Need a reason to buy my Domme Chronicles book of femdom erotica (other than ‘it’s less than half price, and I told you to’ I mean)?

Read this heartbreakingly lovely email that landed in my inbox <3. Then go get it.

Hi Ferns,

I wanted to pass along my deep appreciation to you for the Domme Chronicles book. It’s beautiful. Each short excerpt is like a love letter to that moment, frozen in time. Some of them are so intimate it makes the heart physically ache in reading them. It captures the grace and beauty that intimacy through power exchange creates, and it does it so so well. It reminds me of what I had, and now search for, which is distressing at times, but that means it captured what it needed to. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you. :)

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