Kissing date

Kissing date: A date designed with the sole objective of kissing.

This is a completely different thing from a traditional date where the objective is ‘getting to know you’ or ‘doing something together’ or ‘sharing a meal’ or a combination of any of those things, where there *might* be some kissing at some stage if all goes well.

A kissing date is JUST FOR KISSING. I’m liking this idea for a whole bunch of reasons. Not least of which is: kissing!

With most dates, there is an initial attraction that made you want to go on the date, but when you sit down and talk, you often find out that you really just aren’t compatible and the attraction dissipates as the gap between you gets wider and wider. You end the evening, go your separate ways, and oh well. But at the beginning of the date, YOU DON’T KNOW THAT YET! You just know ‘they are cute and seem awesome’ and a kissing date takes advantage of THAT magic moment.

With a kissing date, you meet up specifically for kissing. If you then move on to the ‘getting to know you’ bit at some other time and you find out that you aren’t compatible, well, fine, at least you got some fabulous kissing with someone who you were attracted to.


I’m SO making it a thing.

With holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes, in fact. With whom I already know I’m not compatible. But he’s hellishly appealing regardless, there’s ‘something’ there, and he’s so pretty, and holy fuck, those eyes!


Hello holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes [this is not an edit for blogging purposes by the way, I actually call him that *laugh*],

“vituperative” – this is the kind of thing that keeps me interested.

I think that if we actually talk, we would be completely uninterested in each other. I think we should not be attempting to do that.

No talk, we should just aim for kissing. I believe you when you say you kiss superbly.

I would like to taste that.

How do you feel about a date that is purely about kissing and petting:

Stroking, petting, kissing: yes.
Talking, fucking, orgasms: no.

He said yes (well, actually he said ‘why not?’), and added an adorable, “BTW, this kissing date, will this involve the blindfold? Oh, lordy.”

Why yes. Yes it will.

Also… guh.

We are working out logistics which may mean it all falls down in a heap. We will see.

Kissing dates, man. Totally should be a thing!

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  1. Oh, if you weren’t straight I could live vicariously through you! *laughs* I don’t know him enough to live through him damn it. *sighs* I want some hot passionate kissing. *sniffs*

    This makes me chuckle though..

    Stroking, petting, kissing: yes.
    Talking, fucking, orgasms: no.

    If only everyone defined what they were looking for so blatantly and honestly, it would be so awesome.


    1. “I want some hot passionate kissing.”

      Me too!! *laugh* Sorry for spoiling the vicarious living thing.

      “If only everyone defined what they were looking for so blatantly and honestly, it would be so awesome.”

      *smile* Yes, though it’s a lot easier to do when you are defining some small self contained thing (like a kissing date!) and not something large and complex (like a relationship!).


  2. “Stroking, petting, kissing: yes.
    Talking, fucking, orgasms: no. ”

    Uhm, right. Good luck with that, smile. Sounds to me like inviting someone to a gourmet food tasting party:

    Tasting and smelling: yes.

    Chewing, swallowing: No.

    I might go with the best of intentions….but experience shows me that I would swoon, lose my intentions, and go further than I planned or intended, or agreed to. I would lose all rational ability and get lost in the moment. No question.

    Smile. I have trouble with kissing and petting that way…

  3. I’ve had dates that were all about the pashing (Am I using that right?) that came at the end. We already knew each other, and knew we were at least basically compatible, and we really wanted make-outs. But we did normal date things first, because we couldn’t admit the date was all about kissing. We had to pretend that wasn’t a foregone conclusion, that when it happened, it would be spontaneous. So we pretended, and we did have fun doing non-kissing things, but then we got to the kissing, and by the end of the date neither of us could have told you what we did for the non-kissing portions.

    1. “I’ve had dates that were all about the pashing (Am I using that right?)…”

      *applauds* You totally used it right, nice work!

      Heh. I’ve had quite a few dates where everything was just filling in time until it was kissing time! I find the anticipation, though, is a big part of the fun.


    1. I don’t know!!

      Though I might have an answer after a disastrously awkward and horrible evening where strangers prematurely attempt to immerse themselves in an intimate activity… :P


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