Ten things you didn’t know about me

Of course I already have waaayyyy more than ten things on my About Me page (because of course I do) but I’m pretty sure these aren’t on there, plus you don’t get any visuals over there:

  1. When I was a kid, my not-very-well-off parents used to take us to legit deserted tropical islands on the Great Barrier Reef for holidays. They’d pay a fishing trawler $50 to drop us off with all of our camping gear (including water, there was literally nothing on these islands), and trust them to come back in 2 weeks to pick us up. This kind of thing is illegal now.
  2. I have, on multiple occasions, met cute submissive boys and immediately done all the things you aren’t supposed to do to keep yourself safe (got in his car, went to his house, both of the last two after travelling to a different country to meet him, had him in my car, brought him home, went to a hotel room, told no-one about him, had no safe call, or all of the above). Do as I say, not as I do, kids!
  3. I was once detained & questioned by UK immigration for some 9 hours before being refused entry, and being escorted onto a plane out of the country by immigration officials. Fun facts: You have to pay for your own flights when this happens, but the upside is that you get to skip the check-in queue.
  4. I bungee jumped 364 feet over the Zambezi river (yes, that’s me in the pictures, look at that swan dive!). Probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done: When the strapping that keeps you safe includes manky-looking towels, you start to reconsider your life choices (years later, this happened).
  5. I did not think this post through and I’m actually a little worried I won’t be able to think of ten things, so I’m including this one to flesh it out.
  6. I got my first job in IT by a) annoying the IT support staff with questions they couldn’t answer, then giving them the answer when I figured it out, and b) getting drunk with the boss of that division. I had no qualifications for that job.
  7. I am capable of having orgasms where I keep my body frozen-still throughout (not shh-secret type of still, but frozen). They are different from normal orgasms: The sensation radiates from my cunt in waves throughout my entire body. I’ve never had one with another person.
  8. I once went to Morocco on a whim after meeting a beautiful Moroccan man at a train station in France and agreeing to go home with him to some small town I can’t even remember the name of (see 2 above). I was wholly unprepared for the culture shock I experienced there.
  9. I went through a period where I used to rock climb every weekend at the 65 foot cliffs near where I lived. My favourite climbs were those that looked really hard but weren’t, because I was a show off (ref, the photo above :)). I don’t think I’ve ever been fitter. Rock climbing is the only reason I know how to do the one single knot I can do (a figure of eight).
  10. I have dived with feeding sharks on a liveaboard dive trip. The scariest part of this was jumping into the water after they’d chummed it up to attract sharks. Jumping into an ocean with hyped up sharks? Like, what the fuck?!
  11. I publicly bottomed to a woman at a BDSM event once: Got an arse-beating from a fierce pro-Domme who played with men for money and women for kicks. She was great: I vaguely remember her telling me to scream for her, though I can’t recall if I did.

Ha! I did have ten! Go me.

Adventures and bad decisions! I should really do more of both of those.

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      1. @barry: Thanks :). It’s fun to cherry-pick moments out of a life and go ‘hell yeah, I did that!’. It gives a very particular perspective.


  1. Life is an adventure, for those of us that choose it. For myself, have been fortunate to live long enough to be able to look back, recognizing it for what it was. At the time, living it, was just what it was, not planned, or was it, just not planned by me. A higher power maybe, wanting, needing me to see, to grow… As now learning to except something at a different time I could never had imagine. Comfort, nurturing in excepting my submission to the power and strength of a caring Dominate female.. At times a bit scary, oddly enough, a word that I had pushed aside many years ago.. Want to thank you for the time that it must take to put out your own emotions….

    1. “For myself, have been fortunate to live long enough to be able to look back, recognizing it for what it was”

      I agree: At the time, it was just ‘living’. When I look back, I recognise that I was bold and brave and often ridiculous (and hopefully more than a few times) :).

      Congratulations on your new adventure :).


  2. You were in my country but some people forced you to leave,
    What? WHAT??? I’m so sorry that happened.

    This list kind of makes my think of you as like an action Domme. Is that a thing? It should be.

  3. Yay love these! I knew about like 2 or 3 I think already but still love hearing about it. I always love hearing all about people’s experiences.

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