Womanizer vs Satisfyer: Showdown

© 'Womanizer vs Satisfyer' by Ferns

Here we are with the most popular clit-stim toys going head-to-head (hurr hurr) in a full-on comparison: A Womanizer review & a Satisfyer review in one hit.

The models I tested were  the Womanizer Premium and the Satisfyer Luxury Prêt-à-Porter. These are both the top end of each of the ranges at the time of writing. Other models’ features will vary.

Let’s start on the outside: The packaging for both is luxe in slightly different ways.

The Womanizer’s packaging is a nude pink with a woman’s face that contrasts with the black device.

The Satisfyer is going for a … Continue Reading

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Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

This sex toy review for the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo has been a long time coming (hurr hurr ‘coming’, geddit?) because I haven’t had a cock I wanted to test it on.

But after meeting the cutie pie and negotiating using him as a stunt cock, here we are.

I’m going to split the telling of this story into two parts:
1. The toy review (this post) and
2. How our afternoon together went in salacious detail :) (that post still to come)

The Pulse Duo is a quality toy for couples: The device is designed for penis stimulation, … Continue Reading

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First ever hands-free orgasm! (We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection)

I’m talking clitoral orgasm. And not just my first, but my second and then my third… :).

Let me tell you all about it, because hands-free clitoral orgasm!

We-Vibe created the Pleasure Mate Collection some years ago. You know why I wanted to try this collection?

Because sex toy guru Epiphora wrote a rave review about it. I’m not sure when I read it exactly, but when an experienced sex toy user and reviewer raves about a hands-free clitoral orgasm using a particular toy, you better bet I’m paying attention.

So when TabuToys approached me asking if I’d … Continue Reading

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Review: Tantus Realdoe

Tantus Realdoe Strapless Strap-on

This toy makes me want to fuck.

I’ve never been one for realistic cocks for strap-on play because who am I fooling? I don’t want or need it to look ‘real’, and I know it won’t. So I tend towards purple, swirly, pretty dildos for strap-on play, and I’ve been really keen to get a gold glittery one (haven’t found one yet!).

But.. but… when I saw the Tantus Realdoe, I really really wanted it. I have a pretty good case of penis envy and this was the closest I was going to get to at … Continue Reading

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Review: Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

I get offers to do sex toy reviews from time to time and I’m usually not really interested. I have no desire to turn this into a review blog. There are many MANY fabulous sex toy reviewers who fill that role extremely well.

BUT I have recently said ‘yes’ to two offers to review toys that I was really interested in because the companies that offered them actually treated me like a real person *gasp* instead of just spamming me with untargetted emails in a mass mailout in the hopes of a hit. So in summary, I am being a … Continue Reading

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Which strap-on harness?

I mentioned in this post that I have two strap-on harnesses. I’ve since had a few women ask me which they are and what I think of them, so I thought I’d write a post to talk about it.

Firstly, I have to stress that I am not some sort of pegging ‘expert’: I have no special knowledge or insight, and I really haven’t tried a lot of harnesses. I’m just sharing my experience in case it’s useful, and I’m hoping you will share yours also.

When I first wanted to try a strap-on, I had a single aim with … Continue Reading

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