Review: Tantus Realdoe

Tantus Realdoe Strapless Strap-on

Tantus Realdoe
Tantus Realdoe

This toy makes me want to fuck.

I’ve never been one for realistic cocks for strap-on play because who am I fooling? I don’t want or need it to look ‘real’, and I know it won’t. So I tend towards purple, swirly, pretty dildos for strap-on play, and I’ve been really keen to get a gold glittery one (haven’t found one yet!).

But.. but… when I saw the Tantus Realdoe, I really really wanted it. I have a pretty good case of penis envy and this was the closest I was going to get to at least looking like I have a real cock of my very own.

When I am wearing it, it looks fucking hot and weird and hot and makes me want to shove it in things. Truth be told, I put it on (in?) again to finish off this review (you know, for SCIENCE!), looked down at it, looked at it in the mirror, looked down at it, and just wanted to fuck with it, touch myself, come. Given how my body works, I don’t actually think fucking with it will get me off, but boy did I want to touch it, stroke it, pump it and fuck with it. Oh yeah. So I did. Review writing postponed (again)…

That, above, is worth the price of getting it.

But you might want a ‘real’ review… *sigh* Fine.

Facts and stuff

Tantus Realdoe measurements

  • flesh coloured (no choices of different tones)
  • waterproof
  • includes a single-setting bullet vibe (uses 3 watch batteries, included)
  • 100% medical grade silicon
  • length: the insertable length on the recipient end is 6.5″*, and the bulb on the wearer side is about 3″
  • girth: the width (diameter) of both insertable ends is about 1.6″ (5″ around)
  • weight: around 15oz
  • vibe is very quiet
  • retail prices vary wildly, from about $80

* Note that the insertable length will be impacted by body size and shape since unlike harnessed strap-ons, the cock’s base doesn’t sit on your pubis, and you can’t adjust it. I have heard some bigger women complain about the insertable length, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Tantus Realdoe packaging
Tantus Realdoe packaging

The packaging is plastic and not really useful for storage (not least because once I put the bullet vibe in there, I couldn’t get it back out so it wouldn’t fit any more. I even tried pliers, and the vibe has the scratches to prove I tried my best…).


The Realdoe is relatively firm with little give, and a typically silky silicon outer. The shaft does bend, but not easily. The narrow neck, though, means that there is quite a bit of flexibility in angling it. Having said that, there is inherent flexibility in angling it when it’s inserted simply because the vagina isn’t some steel tube that has no room to move.

I have a gripe with strapless strap-ons that I’m going to air here. I have no experience with them, this is my first, so take it with a grain of salt. It’s my understanding that they were originally designed for women to use on women. A vagina offers less resistance than an anus, so I imagine that for many lesbian couples it works as advertised. But I have heard from women with much more experience than me, and from newbies, and from many women everywhere who use a strapless strap-on for pegging that *it requires a harness*.

Weight + resistance + wetness + thrusting action = THIS THING WILL NOT STAY IN PLACE.

On the other side of this, I hear blame (yes, really!) that makes me all ragey where not being able to use a strapless strap-on without a harness is all the woman’s fault for having weak kegels, and she had better work on those flabby vagina muscles, the lazy cow. Because, you know, women don’t have enough things to feel bad about when it comes to their bodies, amirite?! *rant, rave, wavy arms*.

Okay, done now. The upshot is that from what I can gather, the majority of women will need a harness with the Realdoe AND THAT’S OKAY!


I do not yet have a boy to fuck with this thing, so this is a solo review *sad face*. A follow-up review may be warranted at some stage *perk*

It’s comfortable once inserted. The narrow neck means it fits nicely in position, but it is really very heavy and will slip out if I stand with my legs apart doing nothing much. I compared the weight to my Lelo Luna Beads (ben wa balls): 15oz vs 2.6oz! That’s pretty damn hefty! With my legs together, it stays in okay, and I CAN stand and walk around with it because there is a bit of stickiness of the silicon base against my thighs that provides some friction.

(as an aside, I am still wearing the Realdoe while writing this review (TMI?) and I simply cannot resist touching and stroking it every time I take my hands off the keyboard… it’s just compelling, and so very hot and strange…)

The ridges intended for clitoral stimulation are not in the right position for me. I’m tall, and I assume my body is proportionately lengthy, so the ridges are too low down on the shaft to rub the right spot. However, just the cock rubbing against my clit is very nice.

For masturbation, the Realdoe provides a unique visual turn on, so that aspect of it is just fucking hot. With the vibe on, I could manipulate the shaft into different positions for different stimulation. Actually ‘wanking’ the shaft (lubed or not) lets me move both the internal bulb and the part that is stimulating my clit in different ways.

The vibe is not very strong (and I am not really a vibe fan), so just playing with the cock wasn’t going to get me off. What DID get me off was pushing the cock away from my body to give me room for fingers on my clit, and then the combination of that, plus being able to stroke my cock for movement, plus the internal fullness from the bulb, plus the vibrations around my vulva… Totally worked.

I don’t actually think that fucking a boy with this is going to get me off (coming while fucking a boy’s arse is something I *really* want, and I haven’t managed it yet), but it’s totally going to be worth a try.

Edited to add: For those interested, I did a post about strap-on harnesses a while ago. Relevant! Take a look here: Which strap-on harness (lots of good information in the comments).

Vibrations Direct, who provided the Realdoe to me for review, are promoting their cock rings and anal beads, so rather than try to sneaky-hide those links disingenuously in the review somewhere, I’m putting them here so you can go and take a look.

Disclosure: I was sent this toy by Vibrations Direct for free for this review.

Loves: 13
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  1. Excellent review Ferns, I’m looking forward to hearing how it works in action.

    Regarding the kegel problem for strapless strapons, is there any other solution? It seems apparent that if you want to peg someone with one, you’re going to either need a harness to hold it on, or be She-Hulk Strong down there.

    I don’t think it’s anything to feel bad about, it’s just how it works.

    1. “Regarding the kegel problem for strapless strapons”

      Grrrr… it’s not a ‘kegel problem* *slap kick*, and even though I know full well that you didn’t mean it like that, calling it that sounds blamey and makes me ragey. RAGEY!!! *kick* I WILL MAKE YOU STAND IN THE CORNER AND THINK ABOUT HOW THIS COMES ACROSS!!!

      “It seems apparent that if you want to peg someone with one, you’re going to … need a harness to hold it on”

      Yes, either a harness, or I know that some women have just put relatively tight underwear on over it (women’s with a hole cut out or men’s with the hole built in) to keep it in place.

      I also think there are probably some positions in which it will not be a problem (e.g. him on top with her lying or seated), but obviously you compromise on the ability to change it up if you rely on certain positions.

      “Excellent review Ferns…”

      I skipped this at first because… rage! *laugh* Thank you!


        1. I am clearly being manipulated by adorableness. DON’T THINK I DON’T NOTICE! *half-hearted ragey fist waving… pats…*


  2. Thanks for this review! I’ve been toying with getting a strapless strapon, and from everything I’ve read about every model….you do need/want a harness of some sort if you want to use it on a boy and/or not have it fall out the moment you stand up and relax.

    This is the most recommended brand/style I’ve seen people agree on: And I must admit, that looks a lot nicer than the standard strap-on harness.

    1. You’re most welcome.

      I LOVE the look of those harnesses!! So pretty! I’ve not heard much from people who have used them though. I’m interested to hear how you go with it if you get one.

      If you missed it, I did a post about harnesses a while ago: Which strap-on harness (lots of info in the comments).

      Since writing that post, I bought a Spareparts Joque based on all the great feedback on it. Super comfortable and stable.


  3. I too HAD to have one, wanting also, to be able to achieve orgasm from anal penetration with My boy.

    I (and not to brag or offer tmi) am super tight, and this thing simply will not stay in.

    It is a matter of resistance, the anus muscle of a boy is just tighter. I do not think that any amount of kegle would be able to get around this.

    *sigh* the search continues.

    Thank you Ferns for Your review.

    1. Ugh, I’m bummed (geddit… hurr hurr…) that it didn’t work for you.

      Good luck in your search! I’m sure your boy is really upset that you keep having to try it out in different ways… poor thing…


  4. Things my FoxC1 is no longer allowed to do in bed.

    #89: When I am lying in bed wearing my Feeldoe, he is never allowed to bat it around between his thumbs and sing, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

    #98: Not allowed to make light saber noises while ‘dueling’ my Feeldoe with his penis. Yes, I know my Feeldoe is ‘most impressive’. I don’t need to hear it in Darth Vader’s voice.

    #115: If I am fucking you and my Feeldoe slips out because you clenched down too tightly on it, it is NEVER appropriate to scamper across the room with it sticking out of your ass, singing, “Neener, neener, stole your weener!”

    1. Oh, and:

      #15: When I am planning a strap-on session, he is not allowed to draw googly eyes on his ass with a cartoon word bubble across one butt cheek that reads, “OM NOM NOM”.

      #43: Doing the narrative voiceover from Dukes of Hazzard, referring to my strap-on as “Boss Hawg” and making a noise like the General Lee’s horn when I stick it in will result in serious punishment.

      #73: FoxC1 may not use his voice-over skills to make my strap-on penis talk. Extra demerit points when he makes it talk about things I have already had to put on this list. His own penis should really have nothing to say to me either, and definitely not in a squeaky little voice.

      #93: If his cock touches my strap-on, he is not allowed to say, “Wondertwin powers – activate!” Or else I will need to reply with, “Form of – an ice dildo!” and find something from the freezer to shove up his ass.

      #107: Yes, I do own a purple Feeldoe. No, this does not mean I want to be addressed as ‘Twilight Sparkle’ while wearing it. Especially not in Fluttershy’s voice.

      #122: If I take my pants off to reveal that I am wearing my Feeldoe, FoxC1 may not react with mock surprise and announce in Admiral Ackbar’s voice, “It’s a trap!” Extra demerit points if he then explains how many Bothans have died to obtain this, or if he goes on to ‘human beatbox’ the Star Wars cantina theme.

      If your subby is a brat, you and he both may be in trouble if he reads the comments on your blog and gets ideas. ;)

      1. OMG @ Najakcharmer I have never laughed so hard reading your reply. Absolutely priceless I loved that.

        Funny, I worked security at a hospital that of course I cannot name for privacy reasons. One night when working there..we had two gay guys come in because of an “issue” he had. I felt so bad for him but I absolutely lost it after going outside away from them. He had it stuck in him because he clinched down. I would die!!! lmao


  5. My partner enjoys using our real doe with me and I have absolutely no complaints. She is a bbw and has little issue with it staying in place, of course for her pleasure she is often on the bottom with me riding. We have the flesh colored one and frankly even though we know its not the real thing, one can not tell when looking at pictures of her wearing it

    1. Thanks for the comment, I’m so glad you are both enjoying it.

      And yes, supine is a good position for avoiding the slippage problem (for the record, I was going to use ‘prone’ there, but google saved me *laugh*).


  6. Hi Ferns. If you’re ever in Eugene and you’d like to try one of these with a boy who has (and loves it), I’m happy to assist.

    I’d say, wear panty hose like you would with a woman, but let me get on top and let you work the real thing with your temptress hands…

  7. Okay, I just bought one and am waiting for it to arrive next week. Clearly I *will* need a harness of some type to make this work for myself and my husband (I’m a woman). Now that time has passed, do you have any suggestions? I’ve been looking online and I’m not enamored of anything too complicated (straps). Is there something that is more like a panty that can accommodate this product?

    I mean, if I have to find a harness that has straps, I’ll do so but after being treated for cancer (stage 3 so lots of chemo and radiation – which is no fun), plus having a mastectomy and my libido was on the side of a milk carton for a year I feel kinda justified in being picky and getting exactly the right thing for lots of fun. Now.

    Also I wish the term “flesh colored” was lost from our vocabulary. Not everyone’s flesh is that color. I suspect it’s beige when seen in person.

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