Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

This sex toy review for the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo has been a long time coming (hurr hurr ‘coming’, geddit?) because I haven’t had a cock I wanted to test it on.

But after meeting the cutie pie and negotiating using him as a stunt cock, here we are.

I’m going to split the telling of this story into two parts:
1. The toy review (this post) and
2. How our afternoon together went in salacious detail :) (that post still to come)

The Pulse Duo is a quality toy for couples: The device is designed for penis stimulation, and it has an added vibrator in the base for a partner’s stimulation (there is also a solo version of this toy that doesn’t include the latter).

It comes in an ‘ooh shiny’ box, and includes the storage bag in the photo above. It’s relatively heavy at 200 grams (about 7 ounces) and the outer is a firm silicone. There is a remote button for the second vibrator, it’s made of plastic since it’s not going to be in contact with your body. Both parts are waterproof. The detailed specs are on their product web page, so I’m not going to repeat any of that.

You have to charge it for 4 hours before first use and the charge should last for an hour (I’m not sure how long it takes to charge after use). The charger is a magnetic USB cable which had an indicator that behaved a little oddly for me. When I charged the toy, the physical connection was solid, but the light indicating whether it was charged or not flickered between red (not charged/charging) and green (charged), staying on one of those options for a while before flickering again and settling on a different option. It was very confusing and I thought later that perhaps my laptop USB 3.0 port lacked power. I don’t know (and by the time I thought to test it on a wall port, it was already fully charged). Despite the indicator light behaving oddly, the toy was charged just fine when I used it.

There are two vibrators in the device. The main one for penis stimulation and a secondary one on the base of the device for partner stimulation. I’m going to call them V1 and V2 respectively for ease of reference.

V1’s vibrations are concentrated in the round plate within the device, so when you put your cock in it, it will be in contact with the underside.

V1 has 6 vibrating patterns that you cycle through by pressing the power button once the device is on. There is also a ‘turbo’ mode with plus and minus buttons on the other side of the device with 9 intensity settings that you can cycle through. Pressing the plus button quickly takes you to level 1, and you can then press it again to go up. Pressing and holding the plus button for a couple of seconds takes you straight to level 9, and you can go down from there with the minus button*.

*The manual doesn’t mention the 9 levels at all, but the website does, and it appears to work that way in testing. I double checked with Hot Octopuss, and they confirmed that this is how it works

V2 is in the base of the device and is controlled with a separate remote button. It has three intensity settings. The vibration of V2, which is meant to stimulate someone pressing against it (hence the ‘couples’ use), is pretty weak and buzzy. I’m not a big vibrator lover in general, but I know a lot of folks are: If you compare the strength of this against most dedicated vibrators, it is much weaker, so if big rumbly vibrations are your thing, this will be better ‘just for fun’ than for actually getting you off.

I ran two tests with my stunt cock (big thank you to the cutie pie for indulging me fully and with enthusiasm :)):

  1. Solo use, no stroking. He used it on his own without lube and without stroking with it, so it was literally just putting his cock in it, powering it up, and changing the settings and intensity to see what would happen
  2. Me in control, with stroking. This time I had control of the toy, used lube, and moved it around on his cock. I also fired up V2 to see how that would go.

Test 1. Solo use, no stroking

I thought, actually, that he’d either come within a few minutes, or that the sensation would feel weird and it wouldn’t do much for him, but that’s not how it played out.

I had him kneel before me for the test. We did discuss whether this would hinder use of the toy because it’s a bit unnatural, and agreed that if it did, we’d change position. It didn’t, so we went with it.

His cock was soft-ish when he started and got very hard very quickly once the vibrations started. It stayed that way throughout the entire test, even with me interrogating him while he was testing it.

He cycled through different vibratory patterns and tested the turbo. Throughout, he said it felt really good, his cock was very happy, but there was no way he was going to come from it without some kind of stroking.

He played with the toy for just under 10 minutes. I was a bit surprised that his instinct was to keep the vibratory plate about half way down his cock. I told him to move it up towards the head to see if that would change anything. It didn’t.

So: Great for making him hard, really hard, and felt really good, but not going to make him come.

Test 2. Me in control, with stroking

I have to say first up that the test was probably compromised by the use of restraints and edging and other stimulation which was entirely unnecessary for the testing, but I JUST WANTED TO :D. So yeah, I tainted the testing. I’m owning it :P.

Regardless, with him laid out on his back, with a bit of lube and stroking, it was a very quick trip to ‘omg gonna come’ level of stimulation. The steady vibration setting (vs any of the pulsing programs) got him there easily and quickly. The pulsing programs gave him more breathing room and while it still felt really good, it didn’t give that immediate downhill tumble to orgasm.

It was genuinely enjoyable to use and I can see that if you get soreness in your fingers or wrists from hand jobs, it may help with that because you can have a very relaxed grip.

I found it most fun to use by putting one hand underneath and one hand on top to apply a little bit of pressure and so I had some contact with the skin of his cock. It was easy to use and the raised buttons were easy to find by touch. I cycled through the vibrating patterns, but I gotta be honest, from his perspective it was either solid vibration (with an intensity that pushed him to the edge of orgasm very quickly), or… not that :). It would take a lot more familiarity with it to figure out if there was a lot of difference in sensation between the different patterns and/or to choose a favourite.

Putting pressure on the base of it as if I was sitting on it (I did not sit on it, just pushed against it with my hand) caused V1 to stop vibrating. Curiously, since this is exactly what it was designed for as a couples toy (see image below), the pressure I applied pushed his hard cock much more firmly against the vibrating plate and it stopped moving. I didn’t expect that. Arguably this could be considered a positive because it would reduce stimulation for him if I was actually grinding on that toy, but I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that.

There’s pretty much no chance that I can get off with this toy’s V2 vibrations either with a partner or by myself (I tried it just on my own to double check, but the vibrations are too weak and unfocussed for what I need). If you get off on grinding (vs vibration itself), it may well work for you.

For the cutie pie, though, this was a great toy, and it was fun for me to use with him. It’s also a good ‘cheat’ toy if you just want to get that cock hard with pretty much no effort so you can do other things with it :).

The climax of this review, though: Using this toy with the cutie pie ended with him having THE BEST ORGASM OF HIS LIFE.

Not even kidding.

Have you ever had an orgasm that sends you into another dimension, transcending space and time?

Yes, that’s a direct quote :).

Look, I’m obviously going to take the majority of the credit for that outcome because ego and hubris, but I was using this toy when he had it, so I’m going to have to give it a good chunk of credit also.

If that’s not a stellar sex toy review outcome, I don’t know what is :).

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Disclosure: I was sent the Pulse Duo by Hot Octopuss for free for this honest review, and this post contains affiliate links so if you click-through and buy one, I’ll get a small commision. A big thank you to Hot Octopuss for the toy and for their patience :).

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  1. The most important question of all goes unanswered however! Did you wear leather ALL the time during the test?

    1. Of course I did*!!!!!


      *Statements on this website which contain more than four exclamation points may or may not be consistent with real world events. Your continued reading of this content releases the owner and their agents of all damages and liability relating to such statements and no correspondence will be entered into.

  2. *Statements on this website which contain more than four exclamation points may or may not be consistent with real world events. Your continued reading of this content releases the owner and their agents of all damages and liability relating to such statements and no correspondence will be entered into.

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