Womanizer vs Satisfyer: Showdown

Here we are with the most popular clit-stim toys going head-to-head (hurr hurr) in a full-on comparison: A Womanizer review & a Satisfyer review in one hit.

The models I tested were  the Womanizer Premium and the Satisfyer Luxury Prêt-à-Porter. These are both the top end of each of the ranges at the time of writing. Other models’ features will vary.

Let’s start on the outside: The packaging for both is luxe in slightly different ways.

The Womanizer’s packaging is a nude pink with a woman’s face that contrasts with the black device.

The Satisfyer is going for a sleek sophisticated look and is packaged in a black textured box with rose gold print on it that matches the rose gold on the device. Simple, elegant.

Interestingly the toys themselves contrast in the exact opposite ways.

The Womanizer is all black with gold trim.

The Satisfyer being a nude pink and white (real leather!) with rose gold trim and buttons.

Each comes with an instruction booklet, a storage pouch (velvet for the Womanizer, silk for the Satisfyer), and magnetic USB charging cables. The Womanizer has a black branded charger that fits with the luxury feel while the Satisfyer’s is more generic.

Both devices have charging lights to signal charging activity and when it’s charged. The Satisfyer’s instruction leaflet is very basic, so I have no idea how long it takes to charge or how long the charge holds. The Womanizer’s booklet, by contrast, is comprehensive on all matters: It takes 2 hours to fully charge and runs for 4 hours.

They are both made of that beautiful-to-the-touch silky silicone that you want to pet with your fingertips. The nozzle on both is a firm-ish silicone with the Satifyer’s being a tad spongier. The Womanizer’s tip is removable and there is a spare of the same size in the box (they say in the instructions that it’s a different size, but visually they looked very similar). The Satisfyer’s is not removable.

Size-wize, the Womanizer (at the bottom, in black) is slightly longer and quite a bit bulkier than the Satisfyer .


The Womanizer

I have to say that I’m not a fan of the (sizeable) instruction booklet’s design choices (yes, I DO sort-of read the instructions): Small, fine white text on a pale nude-pink background really does NOT work well. I know this because part of the way through the test, I just quickly wanted to see how that button was supposed to work, and instead of a quick look, it was a whole project :/.

There is a learning curve with the use of this kind of toy, regardless of which brand it is. Both in using the toy and in my body adjusting to and settling into the sensation.

The Womanizer has 12 intensity settings and is 100% waterproof.

The lower settings feel like a fluttering on my clit. I can feel the suction when I put my thumb over the head, but on my clit it is not a sucking feeling. It’s very hard to describe.

I liked very much that when there was no skin contact, the toy just stopped operating. This is a wonderful feature called ‘Smart Silence, and I assume it’s also battery-saving. Very nice.

It also has an ‘autopilot’ mode that I guess randomly(?) goes through the 12 settings like ‘surprise!’. I didn’t try that but I can imagine that if all of the settings work for you, it could be fun to let it go where it will.

The feel of it in my hand, the shape and placement felt natural. The black buttons are impossible to see in use (both because of position of the toy and because ‘black on black’), but the feel of them is enough to easily navigate them by touch. It was hard for me to tell if I had the head totally covering my clit, though I could tell when it wasn’t in fully-closed contact with my skin because air would get sucked into it and it would make a different sound.

There is a point in the settings where it becomes too much sensation for me, and not in a good way. I have a level at which too much stimulation will either kill my clit, or it will escalate and result in a bad, almost ‘ruined’ orgasm. That is, I might come, but it’s quick, tiny, and not pleasant. I hit that point suddenly with a ‘woah!’ when I was cycling through intensity settings, and had to emergency-remove the toy and start again at very low to soothe my clit back into action.

Even though I was playing around with settings, my orgasm required very little mental work for me (my ‘normal’ process to come involves quite a bit of mental effort to get out of my own way), which means that the sensation overrode my head-noise, which was surprising and great.

I thought I needed a higher setting, but after using it a few times, I found the lowest setting was enough. It has promise, that’s for sure.

While it reliably got me to orgasm, there was a big learning curve for me. My body didn’t immediately go ‘yaaass’. It kind of went ‘hmm, I dunno’. More on this kind of toy and how my body responds at the end because it wasn’t really about the toy itself.


The Satisfyer

The Satisfyer includes a vibrating function and I didn’t quite understand that at first (I ‘kind of’ read the instructions, but you know how it is :P). I finally figured out that the unlabelled button is for the vibrator, and the + and – are for clit stimulation. If you love vibration (I don’t so much), this dual action is a huge plus.

It has 11 pulsation intensities for the clit and 10 vibration patterns, and they each function independently. It’s also waterproof (you’d think the leather would not stand up to water immersion, but I guess it does).

I found the shape of it a lot less intuitive compared with the Womanizer: With the head at the end of the device, you have to hold it at almost 90 degrees to the body vs along the body. Their other models have a shape more like the Womanizer, so there are choices.

When I put my finger over the head, it did not feel like ‘suction’ like the Womanizer. Both on the body and on my finger, it felt kind of ambiguous. Fluttery, then more of a tapping feeling at the higher settings.

I found it tricky to place it in the right position due to the shape. The buttons were easy to see if you needed to, but also easy to navigate by touch.

It was a lot harder for me to come with this toy. The sensation just wasn’t quite right for me. I want to say ‘wasn’t strong enough’ (even with the vibe), but I don’t think that’s correct. It went from fluttery to a kind of thumping against my clit at the higher settings, almost from ‘not enough’ straight to ‘too much’ with no ‘just right’ in between.

I had to concentrate REALLY hard to come, and I kept losing position on my clit. The toy makes quite a bit of noise when there is air coming into it, which was both amusing and distracting. It felt a bit buzzy (without the vibe), so I think with too much, my clit would go numb.

Another thing I found with this toy is that when I started to come, what I really needed to do to make it a good orgasm was to immediately turn down the action while keeping it on my clit to ride it out. I found both of those things impossible to do, so I ended up kind of losing position due to my body moving, then putting the ‘too strong’ action back on it when I got it back in place. It was distracting, but I do think that can be navigated with more familiarity and practice.

So the toy did make me come, but it was a lot more work. Like I said, there is a learning curve, so more use may be much better.

I wanted to be completely blown away by these toys.

The move from insertables and vibes to clit-stim specialist toys is 100% up my alley and I was excited about it, but as it turns out, my clit is temperamental. I normally masturbate with my fingers, and obviously it is super easy to adjust both pace and pressure then, and turns out I do a lot of that without even thinking.

So two things that are about me and not about the toys:

  1. I don’t much enjoy the exact same sensation for a sustained period of time and
  2. My clit is touchy and gets overstimulated easily and suddenly, and that results in a half-arsed orgasm (or none at all)

With vibrators, you have both technical and manual control, so managing that easier. As well as changing the settings on those toys, you can also apply more manual pressure or do a feather-light touch, which is intuitive and easy.

With these clit-suction toys, you are much more reliant on the toy’s settings to control your experience because there’s no way to manually change the sensation. That is, if you try to reduce sensation by moving the toy away from your body, you lose ‘suction’, the toy starts sucking in air like some gasping fish and the sensation disappears. So if you need to vary intensity, you are 100% reliant on the toy’s settings and if you need to change it up (especially if you need to change it as you orgasm) that takes quite a bit of practice.

As for which I liked better: For me, the Womanizer beats the Satisfyer hands down. My clit liked the sensations better and the overall design was just easier to use.


Disclosure: I was sent these toys by Tabu Toys for free for this honest review. A big thank you to Tabu Toys for the toys and for their patience :).

Loves: 10
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  1. I don’t particularly like that Satisfyer model for self-stimulation. That stupid “90 degree to the body” thing is just aggravating and uncomfortable. BUT it’s amazing if you ever have someone use the toy *on* you. Getting the right angle with a partner with those L-shapes (like the Womanizer) when someone is between your legs can be difficult, but that I-shape of the Satisfyer makes it really simple.

    Either way, Womanizer usually wins, hands-down. Which is why they’re usually double in price from the Satisfyers.

    Just suggesting an alternative use for it. <3

    1. Ahh, that’s a great point about the Satisfyer for *someone else* to use on you. I can absolutely see that it would be MUCH easier. Thank you for that :).


  2. Not the same model that you reviewed, but my partner swears by her penguin (Satisfyer Pro Penguin) – so much so that she bought a backup when she had the chance lest she be left “hanging” by a dead battery. :-)

    Orgasms are something she’s still learning to get consistency with and this has made a very easy and (often) quick result.

    Like you, she was initially dubious about it – I think it took a month after I bought it before she finally ventured to get it out of the box. But now it’s her “go-to” toy.

    I struggle to use it on her, as finding the right angle, pressure point, position is hard. And, yes, we’re working on the communication.

    Thanks for the review…

    1. You’re most welcome for the review: I think these toys are game changers for a lot of women who have, until now, had very limited options for clit stimulation (‘put a vibrator’ on it was pretty much it).

      Glad your partner is having fun with it, and good luck with the couples play using it :).


  3. I wish there had been reviews of this quality and intensity when I was trying to buy a car.

    It would have made buying a car with a low carbon footprint far more enjoyable.

    For gods sake I shouldn’t be reading erotic toy reviews and feeling like I’ve gained a worthwhile perspective on existence.

    1. If you want me to compare a couple of cars for you, just send them to me and I’m all over it :)).

      And sex toy reviews are EXACTLY where you should be going to get a worthwhile perspective on life :).


      1. If I sent you two cars one would be a low CO2 mini family car (I’m a tall failure, I need the headroom even though no-one wanted to marry me) and the other would be a Mini because everyone deserves at least one opportunity to be a twat on the road.

        Also, your sex toy review did actually enrich my life. It made me understand that technology can make interesting women happier than my knowledge of Battlestar Galactica can.

        As always, you are both inspiring and confounding.

        God bless you, you fantastic emotional fantastic tyrant.

        1. Also, you need to watch Ad Astra.

          I’m as emotionally retarded as Brad Pitt in this film, but significantly less attractive.


          Honestly, I’m emotionally retarded, but don’t let that prejudice you against this incredible film.

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