My sent emails XLIII

Polite enough email exchange with a 28yo who claims to be serious about wanting a long term D/s relationship. He lives in New York. No, Seattle. He’s 6′. No, 5’10. Whatever.


Hello Ron,

We’re done here.

Miss Pearl is a friend of mine and you are obviously an emotionally unhinged liar.

Don’t contact me again.



Want an explanation? All righty then.


Edited to add: Here’s a follow up from Miss Pearl including the charming missive that was addressed to her but that our mutual friend cc’d me in on so that I wouldn’t feel left out. I got my own as well. So special…

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  1. Seems reasonable to me, can’t see ANY problems there. Ferns you are just being picky here

    1. I know. I AM too picky.

      If you want to read Miss Pearl’s follow up, I’ve put it in the post.

      I really missed out on a good one here…

      *wistful sigh*


  2. Coo he really is supah speshul in oh so many ways bless him. I wonder if he’s ever had a girl or boy friend ? Apart from that one time but sheep don’t really count do they ?*

    *Wales and New Zealand excepted

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