Birthday nude: Okay fine, fishnets & heels

Happy birthday to me!

My traditional birthday nude is turning more into ‘something I label as nude, but clearly isn’t’.

But it’s my party and I’ll cliché-fake-nude if I want to!

Ferns legs

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Beach nude

Since I didn’t quite manage the traditional birthday nude this year, I’m posting an ‘end-of-year’ nude.

This is NOT the start of a new tradition that will go down the path of an eventual ‘blogful o’ nudes’!

It’s more an ego-driven “Aw hell, these weren’t done in time to make the ‘birthday nude’ date, and I love some of these shots!” thing.

Ferns beach nude

Happy new year, dear readers! May 2014 bring you so much happiness and joy that you just don’t know what to do with yourselves.… Continue Reading

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Back shot

Do you know how hard it is to show off back muscles? Yeah, really hard.

Still, I managed it by pretending to do lat pullups on some outdoor equipment in the park.

So, RAAWWWRRRR!!!… Continue Reading

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Body project – pro shots

Bicep August 2013 tiny
I did a photo shoot last week and the set included a bunch of muscle-shots, which are a *vast* improvement on my usual rubbish-light-and-angle selfies.

Though when I say ‘muscle-shots’, I am being somewhat generous and might better describe them as ‘trying-to-show-off-muscle shots’.


Bicep August 2013 tinyEven though I’m not big, I DO see some fabulous muscle definition when I’m avatar-sized (see right with the distinct bicep, deltoid, lat, whatever-they-are muscles being visible there), and then I get disappointingly less and less fabulous as you make the photo bigger (see below).


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Nude strappy heels

More birthday shoes!!

These fabulous nude patent leather heels were a gift from a lovely submissive man who convinced me with his polite insistence that I really *must* have them (thank you!).

Unfortunately, they are just a tad too small, so I am going to have to return them *sad face*.

Still, not sharing would just be selfish, right? So here they are.

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Birthday bikini

Dear world,

It’s my birthday.

In honour of this momentous occasion, and as tradition dictates, I am sharing yet another photo of me where the majority of the pixels are bare skin*. See me glorying in your cancerous sunlight yet again!

Please send presents.

Sincerely, Ferns

Ferns at the beach

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Did I mention that it’s my birthday?

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Wild wedges

You know which shoes I like best? GIFT shoes! These colourful wedges are a gorgeous early birthday present from a dear friend.

Loud and bright and fabulous, I will wear them either with a plain flowing dress or with jeans and a single colour little top. Because it’s all about the shoes!



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