I am definitely 100%…

… wearing these shoes* over Christmas.

They don’t go with anything I own, they are hopelessly impractical, completely over-the-top for casual get-togethers, and I don’t care one bit.

I’m feeling stressed (already) with all the relentless peopling that is coming my way, bearing down like a freight train. Not just ‘peopling’, but ‘peopling while being endlessly cheerful’, which is the worst kind.

Wearing these will make me feel 85.6% more cheerful. Because MATHS.

*For the record, I intend to wear both of them, not just one…

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    1. Thanks!

      Ugh, no. Well, not unless you only wear one, and I can’t imagine that would go so well… I hope your healing goes well and you have someone running and fetching for you while you recover.


  1. Seeing as the shoe looks amazing on you, who cares about if they go with anything or are extremely impractical?!? Amazing.
    Good luck with the coming days Ferns, as one introvert to another, i feel ya! Let there be gorgeous shoes and loads of Champagne!

    1. *smile* Thank you!

      I have some black cargo pants and a cute pink strappy top that I never wear, so maybe those.

      I have champagne and just took delivery of emergency wine for when the champagne runs out. I think I’m ready… *runs into the fray*


    2. Right. I think those are the sort of shoes you buy an outfit fo, rather than vice versa!

      Assuming your sis is built like you, you’ll stop traffic. Just don’t injur yourselves!

  2. Platform stilettos and copious amounts of champagne…… a cautious combination!! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday from the frigid northeastern US. luv2serve

  3. Now, recently some plant pots were installed outside the building opposite my apartment in that same colour. To contain planrs, I wasn’t 100% sold. To contain feet however, I am very much so. Now, whenever I see the containers out my window I will think of your fantastic footwear. So thank you for providing a very positive association. What height are the heels, out of interest?

    This morning I was entrusted with my inaugural boot duty, which consists of unzipping/zipping my girlfriend’s boots pre & post drive. Heeled black riding boots which were one of my presents to her this morning. A duty I hope will become routine. I will of course be purchasing boot polish, too.

    Hope you had a good day of peopling. Merry Christmas & here’s to 2017 Ferns!! X

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