Gorgeous corset photos

My corset is a beautiful steel-boned under-bust with a red silk dragon brocade. I haven’t worn it since I started working out, so I thought it was high time I did that to see how the fit had changed.

I put it on over a white button-down collared shirt and a grey pencil skirt (think ‘sexy librarian’, complete with glasses prop…heh). I love the hourglass figure it accentuates on me. It *can* be laced tighter, but I can’t pull it in any further by myself.

Here are the results (yes yes, cell phone photos… I’m all class you know!).

Ferns: librarian look with corset

A closer look at the detail:

Ferns: corset close up

Gorgeous, isn’t it?!

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  1. If you have a certain boy help you lace it a bit tighter, tell him ahead of time that when pulling the laces in the center, to do so very slowly.

    Otherwise he will squeeze the air out of you, and then you’ll be upset, and he will feel bad.

    Also, Gorgeous indeed!

    1. *chuckle* That sounds very much like the voice of experience…

      I have had ONE boy do up my corset, and speed was not the problem: it was technique. He assured me he knew what he was doing, but he sooo didn’t. I ended up with one lace being stupidly long, and the other being unusably short.

      “Also, Gorgeous indeed!”

      *smile* Thank you!


    1. Isn’t it fabulous? *smile*

      It is really the only piece of fetish wear that I own and I adore it.

      *adjusts glasses… tells everyone to shush…*


  2. Oh, wow. You sure can rock a corset, Ferns. Not exactly what I would think of if I heard “sexy librarian” (go with a form-fitting sweater instead of the button-up, and no need for the corset, but keep the pencil skirt and glasses), but it really works.

    As far as cell phone pics go, you’re doing it wrong. Everybody knows that it isn’t a “selfie” unless you have a toilet in the background.

    1. Thanks for the compliment *smile*.

      We sexy librarians have a lot of different looks you know! We like variety.

      I will keep the ‘toilet in the background’ advice in mind for next time. And I was so close too!!


      1. *smile* Well I used to be a business executive, and that shirt is a go-to basic, and the skirt is from my favourite suit, so I will have to concede the point…


        1. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think you could be a very sexy librarian in that outfit (in fact, I think I would spend a lot of time looking for book recommendations). It just wasn’t the first thing that came to mind.

  3. Yep. Gorgeous. This has only cemented my corset fetish further. Hopefully you don’t mind.

    I went to a class on corsets recently, since I figured it would be…advantageous…to be able to help a woman lace one up. If you are ever on this side of the world, you know who to call.

    1. *chuckle* Thank you, and no, I don’t mind at all. Corsets are beautiful!

      If you are ever on this side of the world, you know who to call.

      *smile* I appreciate the very kind offer and will keep it in mind…


    1. Gym… ugh! I shall aim for future posts to remind you that you must strip and beat your slave (though I suspect such a reminder would be redundant).

      *smile* Thank you for the lovely compliment!


    2. BTW, I keep meaning to message you to say that your happy femdom story is consistently at the top of my ‘Most popular posts’ list (see sidebar on the right).

      I know it’s a bit self perpetuating (i.e. if it’s in the list, it gets clicked on more), but I find it so lovely that such a great story is a top read!


      1. Ha! I keep seeing that – but assumed it showed up when I am on the blog because I click on it most. I thought it must be personalized to whomever is reading.

        (runs off to tell slave that we are *popular*)

    1. Heh… ‘spiffy’! Thanks!

      And no, it’s not custom made. I think with under-bust corsets, it is not too difficult to get off-the-rack ones that fit.


  4. Definitely gorgeous. I’m still looking for a corset for myself. It’s a bit difficult to find one I like, that’s my size :)

    1. *smile* Thanks!

      It *is* hard to find something you like, AND that fits well AND that is available in the size you want. I bought this one online, so it was a big risk, but sooo worth it!


  5. Yes, gorgeous.

    I’m with Neophyte on this: it does indeed make you look like a sexy businesswoman. And that works for me nicely. ;-)

    And I also want a waistcoat just like it. I would look even more like Doctor Who than I do already.

  6. I’ve been waiting for my brain to recongeal before making a corset comment… Nup, still no good. I’ll try again later.

    1. *chuckle* I trust it has recongealed by now. Either that or you are currently floundering about in the wilds having forgotten how to find your way home. Poor you! Though I do appreciate a good brain melting, so thank you for it!


  7. I just thought of something very important that I must discuss with you now. Yes now. Yes in the stationary cupboard. Yes and just let me steady your step ladder, as you climb down from that high bookshelf. Whoops..!

    1. Whoops..! Did I say stationary? Is that the same as stationery? I get mixed up. Yes you see that’s what I need you to help me with please – in the cupboard.

      1. You can trust Satan!

        It’s just lucky that I caught you when you fell off your ladder.

        That’s health and safety that is.

    2. The stationery cupboard is stationary, so we are really talking about the stationary stationery cupboard. You are correct both ways.

      You go first… *shoves you in… locks the door from the outside…*… Let that be a lesson to you…


  8. Such a beautiful and classy look!
    Do you wear it in social (vanilla) setting, either public or semi-public or private (family)? Do you know of a corset-look garment that is kind of fashion? I ask because unless for a wedding gown you don’t see much corsets as social event garment. Which is a pity since it makes such a nice looking shape for women… and we all know how men’s eyes (brain) is drawn by the hourglass shape!

    1. Thank you for the compliment *smile*.

      It is totally wearable in vanilla company, but you have to be mindful that it is *not* comfortable (once you have it on, you have limited movement, and if it’s tight, it’s tight).

      I have worn it out twice in the evening when I was going out for drinks: Once with a shirt and jeans and once over a black summery dress. It looks amazing both ways.

      There are lots of fashion corsets (that is, not steel boned, not intended to be waist-cinchy) that would be more comfortable to wear out ‘whenever’. A lot of them look great.


  9. I feel like as a writer I should have something more interesting to say than just drawling in your comment box and yet… *wipes chin on back of sleeve*


  10. You really should put up a warning before postng pictures like these, i just nearly crashed my car, and that was three days after seeing them.

    Great pics, you are supergorgeous!

    1. *laugh* Boom-tish!

      Thank you for the lovely compliment. I’m glad there was no actual car damage, though watch out for day 6. That’s the killer!


  11. You look amazing! The corset is gorgeous, and the whole ensemble is fantastic.

    With the glasses…Bambi doesn’t stand a chance. I hope you have defibrillators handy… ;)

    1. *smile* Thank you!

      I’m considering turning up to the airport dressed like this. Seems like a reasonable plan, and not at all odd. I mean, he might have overdue library books in his bag!!


      1. I’m considering turning up to the airport dressed like this. Seems like a reasonable plan, and not at all odd. I mean, he might have overdue library books in his bag!!

        Oh, not odd at all. *whistles innocently*

        (and they DO have the staff and equipment to take care of any medical issues…) *laughing*

  12. I already thought you simply gorgeous before I seen this but now I see my stupidity..you are not gorgeous you are…breathtaking


  13. You are a wonderful looking Lady.. ) and such fine hands…. Divine..
    such a pity Australia is on the other side of the planet )
    Divine.. )

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