End of year roundup: Top five plus nude

As a proper blogger (shut up, I am!), I’m supposed to do some kind of summary, maybe some stats, deep thoughts for the year, some goals for next year, that sort of thing. Maybe even *gasp* GRAPH PORN!

But I’m spectacularly unmotivated to do any of that, so instead, here is a list of my most popular posts of 2016:

And since I’m much too lazy to do a proper roundup, let me leave you with this instead: A strap-on shot I quite liked from the set I took for my birthday nude. What more can you ask for? I mean, come on!

May you all have a wonderful, happy 2017 filled with love and light. And strap-ons. If that’s your thing.

Loves: 68
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  1. Hope 2017 bring what you want Ferns, and if not let me know and I’ll go round and put it’s windows in for you.

  2. I hope you’ll have a wonderful 2017 Ferns, filled with a lot of Champagne and cute boys, and many many more of your wonderful writings!

  3. Just meeting you know that I clicked the “like” button again. I didn’t see a “love” button. Or, “I’m blinded by the hotness” button so I went with like. I hope that’s okay

  4. Thank you for wishing us a 2017 filled with strap-ons. I want to get pegged so badly, but rarely ever admit it.

    Your picture. OMG! It’s making my heart race. Something tells me I’ll have a hard time sleeping tonight.

    Happy 2017, Ferns!

    1. *smile* My pleasure, and happy 2017 to you also.

      May your love of pegging be something you freely admit (in the appropriate places to the appropriate people…) in the new year!


  5. Sorry about that, this is the alias I use here, not BigJoe.

    BigJoe was an old name I used when I wrote on forums as a teenager. See, your photo even confused me as to who I was!

    You’re amazing.

    1. *smile* Well, getting the attention of my American boyfriend is always a good thing!

      Just need some steel for it now, maybe a piercing… :P


    2. Just seeing I got a response from you made me giddy like a school girl. *blushes*

      And your comment about false advertising made me chuckle and gave me warm fuzzies. Thank you!

  6. Lovely picture, ferns, but would you think badly of me if I confess that what really takes my breath away in that picture is not the strapon (although the way you hold it seems so life-like, as if it truly were part of you) but the naughty glimpse of your lovely delicious orb? Mmmm lustful thoughts…

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