Book cover – final say

Images on Cover 4 and Cover 5 are product photos from the fabulous Etsy shop The Twisted Screw. Used with permission.


I sourced some different artwork because I wasn’t happy with the stock photos in the previous lot of covers. See, I mentioned ‘useless perfectionist dithering’ didn’t I?

So I’m asking for your opinion on which you like best AGAIN (I included the two top-rated covers from the previous poll, so if you still like those best, you can hit that vote button again and mutter “FFS, I already DID this!!”).

I know, I know, JUST GET … Continue Reading

Loves: 9
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Book cover – poll results

Thank you so much to everyone who voted and commented! I really appreciate the input (plus it’s super-fun to see what people think!).

The results were pretty close with 7 winning out over 5.


cover results small

With the comments and private emails I have received, it’s clear that the font used in 5-7 is preferred, and that images from 1 or 2 might be reusable on covers with that font. And many of you expressed the opinion that they were all cheesy *laugh*. I have really appreciated all the feedback.

I’ll confess that I’m still considering other options because I just … Continue Reading

Loves: 4
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Book cover – have your say!

I’m wanting to get my book out in the next few weeks (I know… exciting!! *squee*).

I’m prone to a kind of useless perfectionist dithering, which is not doing me any favours because I will forever be going ‘No not happy, I need to change *something else* now…’ ad infinitum.

To get over that thinking and help me shove this thing out the door, I’d love to get your input on the cover (a big thank you here to those who suggested I use my blog name for the title, and to sprinkles for the sub-title *smile*).… Continue Reading

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Crowdsourcing my book title

I’m kind of stuck and could use some creative help.

Like every other blogger in the entire world who fancies themselves a writerly type (i.e. all of us!), I’m putting together a book.

It’s an erotica anthology comprised of true-life vignettes about female dominant/male submissive play: passion, violence, sweetness, affection, love.

If you’re familiar with the way I write, you will know exactly the sort of thing I mean (if not, here’s an example: Good morning).

I’m after ideas for a book title and subtitle that sound sexy-hot (it’s erotica after all!), that give an indication of the content, … Continue Reading

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