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I’m wanting to get my book out in the next few weeks (I know… exciting!! *squee*).

I’m prone to a kind of useless perfectionist dithering, which is not doing me any favours because I will forever be going ‘No not happy, I need to change *something else* now…’ ad infinitum.

To get over that thinking and help me shove this thing out the door, I’d love to get your input on the cover (a big thank you here to those who suggested I use my blog name for the title, and to sprinkles for the sub-title *smile*).

To set context, the book is an anthology of play stories from this blog: Vignettes of BDSM play that run the gamut from sweet, heart-melting little exchanges to intensely hot pain play.

I want the cover to convey a female dominant/male submissive dynamic while avoiding anything too ‘stereotypical femdom’ (for the record, stock images SUCK for this!). I also want something that will prompt a casual browser on Amazon take a second (third, fourth, JUST BUY THE FUCKING BOOK ALREADY!) look at it.

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  1. For me, # 1 captures your objectives best. It has sensuality, is not clearly D/s in a kinky sense, and yet the woman is clearly dominating at the moement. And the dark clothes lend an air of mystery for me.

    # 2 would be my second choice. Very similar, but to me, not as sensuous.

    # 6 would be a close tie with # 2, but this one drifts more into Kink, by virtue of the man apaprently naked, lower position, and the woman having an outfit that looks like it could be fairly kinky.

    # 3 does not give me enough suggestion of dominance to meet your objectives effectively. Likewise # 7.

    Shoes with heels do not do a lot for me, but I love the symbolism this photo has for both # 4 & 5. But I think it is too kinky to effectively meet all your objectives. However, it is very striking, so if the only objective is to get people intrigued and catch their eye, then it might actually be the best choice.



    1. I agree with greg on #1 & 2 with #1 coming out on top. I think #7 which at this time seems to be running in front would be/is very popular with males but would turn many women off who might otherwise have been a little curious and checked it out. Women are the main consumers of books (both traditional & especially kindle versions)on Amazon so I would keep that in mind, I have been trying to introduce my wife to Femdom for years and I can tell You if I give her #1 she would probably read it. If I gave her #7 she would probably say thank you and put it in a drawer somewhere.

    1. i love number 5 but it wouldn’t let me vote dang it ,, prob because my Ma’am and i have the same ip address ,, can’t wait to read pr discuss some of your book with my Ma’am

  2. *laugh* I’m loving the mix and match ideas. Thank you!

    I feel as if I should have found a way for you to do that on-screen: Choose-your-own background, fonts, images and put them together!


  3. These are all really good, although I’m partial to #5 myself. One bit of advice I’ve read is to consider how they’ll look as a black and white thumbnail, since people browsing on e-readers might see them that way first.

    If you don’t mind my asking, where do you get your cover art from (the people and the shoes/handcuffs)? And if you’d rather not say, totally cool.

    Congratulations, I’m looking forward to the book. :)

    1. I don’t mind saying at all: They are all stock images from,,

      I actually found some images I really LOVED around the internet, but either couldn’t find the creators, or FOUND the creators but they didn’t reply to emails, or they DID reply and were out of my price range. Boo!

      If there are any photographers here who have some amazing F/m images that they would let me use, please get in touch *smile*!


      1. Thanks much! Cover art seems to be my biggest problem, to the point where I’ve thought about just getting the cover art done then writing a book around it.

  4. I would vote 1 then 7 with 4 and 5 in a tie for third. 2 would be a slightly distant fourth, and I think the other two don’t convey that domination is central to the stories, assuming it is, since that’s in the title. So that’s why I vote those two last. I understand you want that to be subtle, but I don’t think you want it to be absent. I’d also vote for an Oxford Comma to go in there before the “and” but I’m probably alone on that one.

  5. Your post made me think of this quote that I keep in my quote file:

    “An artist never really finishes his work, he merely abandons it.” – Paul Valery (1871-1945) French Poet, Critic, Man of Letters

  6. I hugely object to being able to only vote once! Also, to think that someone else’s opinion counts other than mine?!!! PFFFTTT I will be contacting the complaint department about this!

    Also,cough Number 4 cough


    1. *smile* Hello there, you.

      Email me and I’d be delighted to talk with you about it in excruciating detail IF you are willing and able to do the work for me.

      I’ll leave that gauntlet right here… *places it on the ground*.


  7. #1 makes me think of the feel of the stories you’ve shared with us…your strength & your hunger, and the strength of your hunger that you have for your sub.

  8. #1 with the typography of 5/6/7 (more classy feel). for sure :)

    Something a bit softer than 1 but harder than #3, 6,7 image wise would also work.

  9. I don’t like any of the ones with people on the cover. To me, they all scream “romance novel.” And I can’t stand romance novels. I like the simplicity of the shoes and handcuffs. I also agree that will come across better in black & white and also in smaller sizes. I think it’s clear from the spike heels and handcuffs that s&m will be central to the book, though I am not certain it would convey F/m specifically. I think that perhaps a pump (with a person’s foot on it! of course) on some naked guy’s back would convey that and still be simple enough to translate well to smaller sizes. Of course, I have no useful help as to stock art portraying this.

  10. I like 5 so that’s settled then. What ? oh OK the others look too Mills and Boon ( horrible vapid “romance” book publisher) and the typeface thingy looks nicer than the other one

  11. I love the adoration on his face and in his pose on 7, it portrays everything I love about submissive men. And imo, fights the stereotype that Femdom is all about cruelty and pain.

  12. 4 or 5. That way there is no image for someone to feel they don’t fit into, can’t live up to. I know you are working with stock images, but I stopped reading Cosmo as a teen because very seldom was there anyone there I could ‘identify’ with. I’m not tall, thin, and I am no longer young. I had a blonde wig, but I don’t think that counts. ;) So, personal choice is for no humans on the cover. My mind will happily fill in the visuals.

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