Book reviews equal happies

I cannot explain how amazing it feels to get a positive review of my book, and when it’s so beautifully written, I get all a-swoon. It is seriously happy making! *happy sighs*

This one is on (reviews on other country’s Amazon sites do not show up on… boo!).

Edited To Add: If you usually use a different country’s amazon site, you can STILL log into with your existing details to leave a review on the ‘main’ site! You know… if you were so inclined… *smile*

Intense and direct
This is an intense, exciting collection of writings that hang together convincingly as a look into the mind of the author.

The content is presented as a series of entries – some very short and punchy, others a little longer and more descriptive. They are accessible and digestible, but some may need to be read more than once in order to confirm that yes, it really *did* say what you thought it said (if you should read it, you’ll understand).

This is not a work of fantasy or a romance novel. Some entries are raw and passionate, some are romantic, some are even touching, and some are a little shocking. Almost all are compelling due to the smart, self-aware and visceral writing.

The biggest achievement of this collection is not in the way it describes particular acts, scenes, or thoughts, but in the way it works to dispel the idea that a ‘dominant’ woman has to be unfeeling or uncaring.

Be aware – this gives a different and more realistic perspective on a type of relationship that is uniformly misrepresented in mainstream culture.

The structure of the book lends itself to dipping in for a few minutes, or staying in for a while. Ideal for enlivening a winter commute.

-Anthony P.

And this one on

Grips and never lets go
This work painted a picture of the heart of a dominant woman and was not at all what I expected – which was why I loved it. Each vignette is a series of surprises as stereotype after stereotype about the sex, romance and love between a dominant woman and her submissive male partner is whisked away in favour of what we know are real experiences and authentic feelings. Bucket loads of passion go hand-in-hand with thoughtfulness, obvious intelligence, humour and, above all, warmth. Sharyn Ferns takes her male, leads him, uses him, hurts him and ravages him . . . but she always, always loves him for what he offers her and what he is. A submissive man will read this and feel ‘Hey, I’m valuable’. A dominant woman (or a woman who has that dominance lurking secretly inside her) will think, ‘She could be me, with dominance released the way *I want it to be released*.’

This is a book that is, in so many senses, alive. Amazon needs a sixth star.

– Peter Lothian

Thank you so very much, Anthony and Peter… happies!! *smile*


If any of you want to leave an Amazon review but are concerned about having that appear against your real name, I’ve discovered that it’s really simple to change your display name, and there is no public link back to your real details:

How to change your display name on an Amazon review
How to change your display name on an Amazon review


Also while I am doing book-talk, I’m working on making a hard copy available! Eek! Exciting!

I’ll be getting a professional cover designed for it (also super exciting and nerve wracking!) because the ebook cover doesn’t translate well to print. You might see yet *another* poll if I don’t have a clear preference when they give me the drafts.

When it’s done, I’ll be offering signed copies like a proper author, and I will even add a lipstick kiss if you want! Of course, I will have to buy some blood-red lipstick for that, but I will totally make that sacrifice!

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  1. Great reviews, and *SO* spot on! You really do deserve the raves you’re getting. It is an absolutely wonderful compilation.

    I’m really looking forward to the hard copy too! That will be the one book that I’ll never lend out to anyone!… They’ll have to buy their own!

    1. *smile* Thank you so much!

      And yes! Everyone must buy their own hard copy. No lending. It’s in the rules!!

      (actually, it would be really funny to put that on the copyright page as a joke… hmmm…).


  2. Oh, I might buy it if there is a physical book available. I just hate e-books, though. Maybe that would be different if I had a tablet or e-reader, but I don’t.

    1. YES, please do!

      And I know exactly what you mean.

      I LOVE my kindle, but real books make me feel the weight of the words in a completely different way. It’s a much more visceral experience for me.


  3. Hooray for book reviews!

    Also I love the idea of putting together an ‘actual book’. I will definitely get a copy when it’s out.

    ~ A.

    1. I can’t. Well, I *can*, it would feel like the height of rude ungratefulness when they have been so awesomely amazingly lovely to do a review at all.

      And unless I’m mistaken, they have to not only make a separate account, but they then have to BUY something with that account (not necessarily my book, but ‘something’) to be able to leave a review. So yeah. Nope.

      I do appreciate the suggestion though, thank you for thinking of me.


    2. Oooh, I learnt a new thing, courtesy of the fabulous gentleman who left a review on (thank you so much *smile*)!!

      1. The amazon sites are linked so even if you have never used the site, you can log into it with your usual amazon( or whatever) login ID

      2. If you have bought something (ever!) on your ‘home’ amazon site, you can leave a review on

      Well fancy that!

      Thank you, puppy!!


  4. I asked the author if i could read some of her work when i was in recovery from a stroke received ealy last year. She thought that i might like to read her latest work … Bear in mind that my brain is’nt quite the same as it used to be but in reading Domme Chronicals i found myself being taken back to my pre stroke memories only they were twice as close to my thoughts now due to the ever so easy and correct ways of getting the mesage across to my injured scull and passing the fealings down thru my body to re awaken parts of my body that had been to sleep for some 6 months.. My brain is running at a very fast gait right now and i am making spelling mistakes … but I know who the Mistress is in the righting of this book

    Many thanks Miss
    kisses Your toes…

    1. *warm smile* Thank you so very much for your lovely comment. I’m really delighted that reading my book has helped to fire up some neurons after your stroke.

      I wish you the very best for your continued recovery.


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