Domme Chronicles: Book reviews!

I promise I won’t make this blog all about my book from now on, but but…

I have to dance in public over wonderful five star reviews. Because happy-making!! *dances*

Riveting tales of passion, pain, love, and Dominance

One of the most fascinating collection of stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The author has an amazing ability at capturing your attention in the beginning and keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to read the next tale of passion and romance. The author lures you into the stories just as you are one of the characters. Each kiss brought me goosebumps, each strike made me cringe, and every shared moment made me warm inside. I am amazed at how well the author reflects the real emotions between a Dominant and her submissive.I have only read a small portion of this collection and I haven’t yet been able to stand to put it down. Thank you for such a wonderful collection of passion, love, and pain.

– Chris

A fascinating look at the world of BDSM

I loved it! I found the writing to be both powerful, and evocative, while the individual vignettes are presented in bite sized bits that always had me tempted to move on to the next one. This is not about “role playing”, or just “Being a Domme”, but rather,a fascinating look into the mind of the author, and the way she chooses to conduct her most intimate relationships.

The scene changes rapidly, so the stories never bog down, and the emotions run from desperate hunger and desire, to incredible sweetness. It was a great read from beginning to end, and I am looking forward to hearing from her again.

– Stephen O


Fabulous writer who is witty, smart, sexy & just plain hot. Her stories will suck you in and not let go. Highly recommended for those ‘in the know’ and for the curious. Or…pretty much anyone with a pulse. Femdom literature is sadly lacking out there – this is a real jewel. Gritty and nasty, soft and sweet – it has it all. And the best part – this is real. No sad unrealistic porn stories but the real ones. Real hot achingly beautiful ones.

– Kimberly R Dow

I am so very delighted! Happies!! *bounce*

If you have read and enjoyed it, please do write a review. Positive reviews are the most powerful way to entice new readers into our BDSM cult of debauchery getting a glimpse of real-life hot, fun, non-stereotypical F/m play.

Loves: 7
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  1. Will my name appear next to it on Amazon?

    I don’t want my name to appear next to it on Amazon. Not because of what it says about the book, but because of what it says about me.

    e.g. I’ve never found “watersports” to be anything other than unappealing … but this seemed to make them somehow … romantic

    1. That was a specific reference to “Marking Territory” btw.

      In case it wasn’t clear.

      … which it probably wasn’t.

      1. *laugh* I guessed that, but the goat gif was very confusing. Am I the goat? Are you the goat? Do you have goats? WHY THE GOAT?!

        And yes, watersports in general never appealed to me because I couldn’t relate to the way it was mostly portrayed.

        But then… well, then… *smile*… Guh. Hot!


        1. The goat has a funny staring face .. then starts lapping like a big-tongued crazy-man.

          The goat represents confusion and bewilderment that turns to desire. “Drink it in!”, so to speak (pun intended).

          Watersports always seems to be portrayed as degradation. But when put in context of affection and ownership … oh wow that’s different.

          So … errr … Amazon …

    2. “Will my name appear next to it on Amazon?”

      Yes: You have to use an Amazon account with which you have bought something (not necessarily the book, but ‘something’) to write a review. I assume they do that so that my friends and I can’t make a bunch of accounts and leave 150 glowing reviews of my own book.

      Unfortunately, I think that’s going to put most people off writing a review, more’s the pity, so I *especially* value the folks who are willing to do it.


      1. Well unfortunately I don’t think I can leave a review. And I’m very sorry about that, because you deserve one.

        Goat deserves a kick in the head no doubt, but goat has family and friends who simply wouldn’t understand.

        Sorry again.

  2. Apparently, your book appeals to bright, well read, and perceptive people who enjoy only the best in erotic literature.

    Well done! You’ve reached your target audience and they are quite pleased!

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