Deep red lipstick

Autograph kiss

I bought deep red lipstick just so I could do this for special readers who want something very personal.… Continue Reading

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Domme Chronicles: Hard copy book winner

And the winner of my hard copy book is…

*dramatic drum roll*

*fumbles with the envelope*


** Chris Wallace! **

I’ll contact you to arrange delivery!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to comment *smile*.

Much fun!… Continue Reading

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FREE Domme Chronicles book: In hard copy!

Edited to add: ** Please note that the free give away is now closed **

The hard copy version of my book is available!!! Whee!! So exciting!!

Here’s the cover (the original cover didn’t work for print).

I’m very excited to have an actual BOOK in my hands. I mean… a real honest-to-god hefty weighty fabulous 466 page book!! I could smash someone over the head with this thing!
Domme Chronicles hard cover mockup
It’s available from Createspace and Amazon.

To celebrate the release of the print version, I’m going to give away a free copy (doesn’t sound like much, but this sucker is … Continue Reading

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MOAR amazing book reviews

I am so very delighted that I have received some more wonderful book reviews. Incredible happies!!

On Amazon, this fabulous review *smile*:

This is a must-read
I can’t love this enough. The writing is marvellous, sometimes sweet and sometimes raw. These stories aren’t *just* hot (though they are very sexy). Ferns lets us dive into moments of stunning intensity and intimacy. She shows a version of D/s largely missing from portrayals of BDSM: a real, human relationship, incredible trust, and a depth of connection that leaves me in awe and somewhat wistful. Anyone with any interest in femdom

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Aftercare Series #6: Bedtime stories by Submissive Guy Comics

All of Submissive Guy’s Comics are wonderful, but when he pays me the compliment of referencing me… well… *swoony happy sigh*.

So completely adorable! Happies!!

If you’re not following his tumblr yet, you should (and in case you aren’t aware, if you add /rss to the end of the tumblr web address, you can get him delivered straight to your reader). … Continue Reading

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Book reviews equal happies

I cannot explain how amazing it feels to get a positive review of my book, and when it’s so beautifully written, I get all a-swoon. It is seriously happy making! *happy sighs*

This one is on (reviews on other country’s Amazon sites do not show up on… boo!).

Edited To Add: If you usually use a different country’s amazon site, you can STILL log into with your existing details to leave a review on the ‘main’ site! You know… if you were so inclined… *smile*

Intense and direct
This is an intense, exciting collection of writings that

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Domme Chronicles: Book reviews!

I promise I won’t make this blog all about my book from now on, but but…

I have to dance in public over wonderful five star reviews. Because happy-making!! *dances*

Riveting tales of passion, pain, love, and Dominance

One of the most fascinating collection of stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The author has an amazing ability at capturing your attention in the beginning and keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to read the next tale of passion and romance. The author lures you into the stories just as you are one of the

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