MOAR amazing book reviews

I am so very delighted that I have received some more wonderful book reviews. Incredible happies!!

On Amazon, this fabulous review *smile*:

This is a must-read
I can’t love this enough. The writing is marvellous, sometimes sweet and sometimes raw. These stories aren’t *just* hot (though they are very sexy). Ferns lets us dive into moments of stunning intensity and intimacy. She shows a version of D/s largely missing from portrayals of BDSM: a real, human relationship, incredible trust, and a depth of connection that leaves me in awe and somewhat wistful. Anyone with any interest in femdom relationships should move this to the top of their reading list immediately.

– Nic

And this amazingly thoughtful one also on Amazon *bounce*.

An intimate glimpse inside the mind of a dominant woman

Unique in many ways, Domme Chronicles is more diary than narrative – a touching chronicle of passionate love between a dominant woman and her submissive boy. Like a series of love letters, the vignettes recount the author’s memories of a torrid affair; from the first tentative steps to incredibly hot scenes of fear and pain, helplessness and surrender.

Books of this genre are often told from the submissive’s perspective and it sometimes seems as if the dominant is a mere actor in the submissive’s fantasy. It is the rare book that honestly examines the dynamic from the perspective of the dominant woman. Ferns takes us there, allowing a precious glimpse inside the hunger that drives her desire as she describes in exquisite detail exactly what makes his submission, his pain and even his suffering so very enticing.

With so much popular interest in BDSM, this book offers a credible alternative to the fantasies and stereotypes so common in femdom literature. This is the story of an authentic D/s relationship. The scenes are both fierce and touching, playful one moment and violent the next. But in even the most intense moments, the author’s love and care for her boy, the object of her attention, is clearly seen. Highly recommended.

– Lit

And the wonderfully talented Sopphey Vance wrote a thoughtful review on her blog and on (this is only an extract, go take a look for the full loveliness!).

… Miss Ferns creates this very personal hallway into hot intimate memories full of love, passion, and tenderness between a dominant and a submissive. Each memory is either written in first person or third person. As a journal entry or a fiction stub. As a declaration of love or a promise of ephemeral existence. The domme, as modeled after Miss Ferns’s personal life, is not your mainstream image of an overpowering woman covered in latex and high heels. But, it’s hot. I mean, it’s more endearing than hot.

Each story takes a different approach in showing how much love she’s felt for her submissive. In showing the power a submissive really has over a dominant. I really don’t have many more wonderful things to say about this collection of vignettes. I don’t think words could ever express the diversity of sentiments, little kisses, and ravaging sex involved in the entirety of the collection. It’s just amazing to own this collection… [more]…

– Sopphey Vance

If you’ve read my book (why haven’t you read my book?!!), I’d love it if you put a review up on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated: just your thoughts and impressions.

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How to make your amazon review anonymous
How to make your amazon review anonymous

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  1. “… (why haven’t you read my book?!!) …”

    Because I’m reading through your blog, I’m only at Feb 2014, and I’m yet to feel like I can relate to any of it.

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