Domme Chronicles: Hard copy book winner

And the winner of my hard copy book is…

*dramatic drum roll*

*fumbles with the envelope*


** Chris Wallace! **

I’ll contact you to arrange delivery!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to comment *smile*.

Much fun!

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  1. I demand a recount! I know he cheated. I just know it!! *cries hysterically and storms off the stage dramatically*

    Okay, just kidding. Congratulations!


  2. You fool he was going to buy one anyway! Honestly Ferns you have to pay attention to these things
    P,S, Congrats Chris

    1. You can come to my house. I’ve got a stack in the corner… :P

      It’s available from Createspace and Amazon.

      How much would you expect to pay? Well don’t answer because you also get… um… well… Actually I think if you buy it, you get the e-book for free, or maybe for a dollar… THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF STEAK KNIVES!


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