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I don’t normally post what comes into my inbox, but this stunningly lovely email arrived in my email yesterday and it made me so very happy I wanted to share it.

If I ever wonder why I write, this is more than enough to remind me.

(posted with permission)


Subject: A long overdue thank you

Hey Ferns,

I’ve been meaning to send this message for a long time and finally got around to it tonight. I apologize in advance for the…I guess you could say…sappy tone of the message, but that’s just how it turned out.

You’re amazing. You’re beautiful on the inside and out and I’m sure you’re told that every day. You’re intelligent and funny and seem like such a kind soul, but on top of all that you have me the best gift anyone has given me. You gave me a normal life.

When I read your book it made me feel normal… Like I wasn’t alone or a freak. I’ve reread your book more times than I can count, not just because I find it unimaginably hot, but because every time I read it I feel even more reassured that I’m not weird.

I never thought it would get better than that, but then you actually talked to me and now I have a group of people that I can talk to and just be myself. I don’t have to hide what I like or who I am like I do at school or even at home. I never thought I would be able to just be myself around people without being judged or criticized.

There is no way I can ever thank you enough for what you have done, but I will always try. I know things don’t last forever and I have no misconceived hope that I may ever get to live out my fantasies when I’m older, but that doesn’t matter to me…. What does matter is what is happening now and that is because of you.

I want you to know you have changed my life in ways nobody else has and for that I am forever thankful and in your debt.


Holy fucking happies!! I cannot draw enough smiley faces for this :)))))).

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