Deep red lipstick

Autograph kiss

I bought deep red lipstick just so I could do this for special readers who want something very personal.

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  1. Deep red lipstick on a woman is such a powerful visual. Such the sight will make me like a wolf. Such similar as a scent. Perfect lure. Tom :[

    1. *laugh* Well, you would be disappointed with me then.

      Note that I said I had to *buy* it in order to do this. I don’t wear red lipstick: a slick of lip balm is more my style.


  2. All I need now is you to pop round and plant a smacker on my Kindle or snog me either works

    P.S. Do the kids still say snog these days ?

  3. I love my book!!! Although, I was disappointed that you didn’t sign it “Dear Mystic, thanks for last night” hahaha just teasing.

    I have my book by my bed and I love that it’s signed. Thank you it was well worth the purchase.


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