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At the end of April 2012, I started a ‘body project’ with the aim of looking more awesome naked. On 25th May, I did a call out for folks to join me in a fitness blitz. Some amazing folks heeded the call and we’re working together in a group we affectionately call the ‘Ferns Workout Crew’ (#fwocrew on Twitter).

The link below will take you to my workout log so you can see how I am faring:

Ferns’ Workout Log

The workout crew participates in random weekly commitments to workouts to help us stay motivated. You can check out the tracking spreadsheet for that here.

I’m also (mostly) tracking what I eat. My food tracker is here if you’re interested in that level of stalkery.

All update posts and photos will end up under the Body Project category.


And also *fanfare… drumroll*, let me introduce the #fwocrew (Ferns Workout Crew), the brave folks who have agreed to join me AND to let strangers peek in their windows (click on their name links to see their workout logs, send a tweet to encourage them!):

slapshot (Twitter: @slapshot54)

mysticlez218 (Twitter: @mysticlez218)

Submissive Guy Comics (SCG) (Twitter: @SGCfit)

JT Revner (Twitter: @JTRevner)

neophyte (Twitter: @subneophyte)

DualDrew* (Twitter: @dualdrew)

ThumperMN* (Twitter: @thumperMN)

ruffledsheets (Twitter: @RuffledSheets)

prickyourfinger (Twitter: @prickyourfinger)

Alexa Brune (Twitter: @DommeFahrenheit)

Tom Allen* (Twitter: @Taomlin)

SteelChrmr* (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

steeledsnake* (Twitter: @steeledsnake)

Nerdy Dirty Girl* (Twitter: @SuburbanSex)

ShallowyDeep (Twitter: @shallowydeep)

rossplace* (Twitter: @wilf3564)

DtBHC* (Twitter: @DtBHC_)

Eiren (Twitter: @SpinningAurora)

Rye (Twitter: @CollaredMom)

(* Fitocracy login required)

If you want to send us props and support, tweet, leave a comment, wave flags… we’ll appreciate it all!

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    1. That’s great! If you want to monitor foods as well, you might be better off using a tool that does both (I don’t mind using two different tools, but obviously one is a lot simpler).

      If you want to join the workout crew here for some accountability and support, just let me know when you have set up a tool I can link to and I will add it. If you are on twitter, a lot of our support happens there, so let me know who you are.


  1. “Welcome to our happy little band!”

    @slapshot, thank you its an honor to be a part of the team


  2. Major props to you and the others. I have to admit to being oddly surprised to see JEFit listed, as I’ve been using it for over a year now. (I mostly use the phone app to track, and sync when I remember.)

    1. Thanks for the props!

      I LOVE the Jefit phone app for use at the gym (so I can turn my brain off), and I also love that it shows progress graphs (data!).

      Having said that, it has some weird glitches and annoyances, both the app and the web site (for example the public logs I’ve linked above are all currently blank… grrrr…).

      I hope your gym-going is most awesome!


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