So whose bicep IS that?

Here are the results of our bicep guessing game.

  • Only one person publicly got them all 100% right in the comments (yay you, Berkson)!

Well, technically, Thumper also got 100% right in the comments, but I know that he *actually* only got 7 right (because he said so). I assume he did the quiz, then accidentally transcribed the correct ANSWERS shown at the end into his comment.

  • Only one (Anonymous) person who did the quiz got them 100% right. I can’t parse out any more detailed stats (like ‘how many guessed what’ from the quiz-doers. Boo!).

Results (thank you to the fabulous friend who wrote a little script to pull out these numbers so I didn’t have to!):

  • berkson – with 12 correct matches (100% right!).
  • Violenttadpole – with 10 correct matches.
  • thumper – with 7 correct matches.
  • Steel Snaked Charmer – with 6 correct matches.
  • Alexa – with 6 correct matches.
  • Canine Thing That the ‘Mericans Call Ham – with 6 correct matches.
  • Steeled Snake – with 4 correct matches.
  • Tom Allen – with 2 correct matches.
  • SGCFit – with 2 correct matches.

And here is ‘whose bicep was guessed correctly’ from the public guesses:

  • SGCfit – identified correctly by 8 others.
  • Andy – identified correctly by 6 others.
  • Steeled Snake – identified correctly by 6 others.
  • Dual Drew – identified correctly by 6 others.
  • Coffee Cat – identified correctly by 6 others.
  • Tom Allen – identified correctly by 5 others.
  • Steel Charmer – identified correctly by 5 others.
  • Alexa Brune – identified correctly by 5 others.
  • Ferns – identified correctly by 4 others.
  • Violenttadpole – identified correctly by 4 others.
  • thumper – identified correctly by 3 others.
  • Berkson – identified correctly by 3 others.

I’m really surprised more people didn’t identify mine given I ego-posted various versions of my bicep all over the place. For the record, my First (who saw me sort-of work out a bit in person for real) didn’t guess mine correctly either.

And here we are all reunited with our respective biceps.


Fun *smile*! Thanks to those who joined in.

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  1. I actually had 8 correct as I interchanged my pic with SteelCharmer’s !

    Yay Berkson, well done!

    Thank you Ferns for coordinating and crew for participating, it was so fun!


  2. I only ‘know’ (via teh intarwebs) a few of these bicep owners, so I didn’t even try to guess. Except in my head. And then, I only attempted two: Drew and you.

    I got Drew’s right. :)

  3. LOL – when I ran through the pics, it seemed that I hadn’t gotten *any* of them, except my own. I kept changing my answers based on the workouts of the rest of the crew, and trying to figure out who was doing more arm work that month.

    1. *laugh* Bless.

      Look, if you’re going to be an asshole at least try not to sound like an illiterate one because, dammit, I deserve a better class of hater!


  4. Very cool biceps and a cool idea as well. What would you recommend for a mid 20s’ fitness newbie to get started, do you use stuff like maxinutrition?

    1. Thanks Matt, glad you enjoyed it.

      Mid 20s male: man, you are in your prime and with a bit of work, you will shape up like a mofo.

      Easiest no-brainer approach: Go look up “Body for Life”. It’s a commercial industry, but you don’t have to pay them anything: all the info is available for free, and it’s pretty solid as a (full on!) workout starting point.

      And eat well. Nothing extreme, just good healthy food: Lean meat, vegetables, fruit. If you drink a lot, cut it out (most men who drink some will see a significant difference if they stop).

      Personally, I don’t have junk food in the house. I did take a protein supplement (Optimum Nutrition) when I was trying to build some muscle and had daily protein goals, but I can’t really tell if it helped at all.

      There are no shortcuts, but as a mid-20s male, you will see great results quickly. Go get it! :)

      Best of luck.


      1. RE: Body for Life –

        There’s a couple of very good books out on the BFL workout that are not very expensive.

        Also, if you don’t have a lot of time in any one day to devote to exercising, check online for Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5×5. They cover basic lifts, but have a solid program.

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