Relationships and age differences

I got this question on my Ask Me page, and it was such a good one that it made me get all rambly, so I figured I would turn it into a blog post.

What’s the biggest age gap you could accept in a relationship?

Ha! I love a succinct and difficult personal question!! Well done, you!

The answer is complicated.

My previous relationships have mostly been with men who were within 5-6 years of … Continue Reading

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On saying “I love you”

I don’t say “I love you” much. I am stingy with it, miserly. I hoard it to myself as if it might get used and old and dirty if I put it on the table.

I feel deeply and hard, but “I love you” is like taking out a huge knife and carving the words into skin, pain and blood spurting everywhere, cries of elation or hurt, his or mine, both sometimes.

The feeling comes … Continue Reading

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D/s flirting

Vanilla flirting is about expressing attraction and playing with it.

It’s essentially:

“You’re cute…”

“No YOU…”

And etc.

Flirting is fun, it’s bouncing potential off each other, even if there is no real intent. It’s about both parties feeling desirable and appreciated.

To me, D/s flirting has exactly the same aim, it’s just a little different in its execution. D/s flirting is about playing around with the dynamic a little bit. Similar to vanilla flirting, … Continue Reading

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Being sexy

I am not good at ‘being sexy’ in the traditional sense. Dressing the part, acting the coquette, doing that ‘sex object’ thing, flirting coyly. Yeah, I can’t do it. If I had to deliberately behave in a sexy manner, I’d fail horribly and embarrassingly. I’d be all ridiculous expressions and awkward clumsy movements.

But, I think I’m sexy. Strong, attractive, hungry when aroused. My sexuality is powerful when it’s fired up, and I think *that’s* … Continue Reading

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Come and sit in on a chat with me…

© Masocast by UnspeakableAxe

Do you want to sit in on a chat with me? Pretend we are in a bar, having some champagne, and having a cosy little chat? You can, sort of!

Unspeakable Axe and I talked for nearly three hours when he interviewed me for Masocast. His interview style is lovely, so it’s a low key, casual, friendly chat where we cover a whole range of topics.

He then had to trawl through my ramblings … Continue Reading

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On ‘becoming a Domme’ Part II

… continued from On ‘becoming a Domme’ Part I

So I found a lovely vanilla submissive and had it all sorted, right?

Well, kind of.

I fucked that one up, but I learnt what I wanted in a man, and in a relationship, from being with him. And that was no small thing.

I had some other short term relationships after that which ‘worked’, but it was a little hit and miss to find what … Continue Reading

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On ‘becoming a Domme’ Part I

I was a pretty confident, smart, take-no-bullshit young woman, and I always attracted men who would fall over themselves to do what I wanted (even before I really figured out what I wanted). Given my later proclivities, I should have been happy with that, right?

But I found them insufferably dull because I would push at them, and they would roll over at the slightest hint of my disapproval, would become scared to even express … Continue Reading

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