Corsetry: Red or blue?

I’m going to a BDSM event next week.

To be clear, I never go to BDSM events.

I think the last time I went to a BDSM club was Paddles in New York, and that was a gazillion years ago.

But I had a very uncharacteristic bout of social energy last month, so here we are.

I had to dig around to find my corsets since that’s about it for fetish gear I own (oh, and heels, though I’d argue that none of them are pure fetish-wear). I have two amazingly gorgeous steel-boned corsets from Timeless Trends and a few really pretty, but flimsy, ‘dress-up’ corsets.

Now I am not generous of boobage, so there is never going to be any eye-popping over-corset spillage, but the steel-boned corsets do a fabulous cinching for my waist and they feel quite wonderful on.

I tried a couple on, I thought I’d take a photo or two, so here they are in red and blue.

They fit, they look amazing… so I guess I’m sorted then…

Which do you think I should go with, the red or the blue?


Updated to add: I went with the red :).

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  1. Both do look very nice (on you) but for a BDSM event I feel that the red one fits much better the atmosphere.

    Because red and black are often seen as the BDSM colors, because of the small metallic “buckles” on the front [sorry, my English vocabulary is lacking here… but I hope you get the idea] and even if that’s more subjective because of the overall design.

    Then, depending on what you’ll match with the corset, even the blue will probably do very fine.

  2. Go BLUE.
    1) Everyone else will be in red/black.
    2) Do you want to present yourself as follower of a trope (black/red) or an individualistic trend-setter?
    3) You look stunning in the blue.

  3. I am partial to red and black myself, but the blue is beautiful too. Go with your gut. Which one struck you first? Go with that one.

  4. I suppose it would depend on what’s worn underneath. If nothing, then either is quite good. Otherwise, it would depend on what it’s with.

  5. Any corset that has you in it is the best! That said, I love the pic with the blue the best, partly because the colour is great, suits you and is a bit contrarian, and partly because your posture is more assertive and confident in that pic. In the red pic you are defensive of your modesty. I’d say, go with what makes you feel the best, whatever anyone says,!

  6. I seem to be outvoted, but, I like the blue, and if the majority want red, then you will stand OUT with the blue. They are both gorgeous, but, for me…blue.


  7. Thanks so much for your thoughts and compliments :)).

    Final numbers from crowdsourcing my corset (from here, twitter comments and a twitter poll):

    Red & black: 94 votes (63%)
    Blue: 55 votes (37%)

    So, red and black it is :).


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