Revisit (or ‘6’3 of pretty, yes please!’)

Remember the cougarling?

6’3 of pretty, I contacted him on Fetlife, he drove 24 hours a couple of times to come and spend time with me… Yes, him.

We’ve kept in sporadic touch over the last two years. Friendly emails on and off (mostly off).

In my last message of note to him, I said this:

“You are most welcome in my lair, in my rope, and in my bed”

It’s rare that I offer anything casual to anyone, but even though our different communication styles meant there was nowhere to take anything longer term, I like him and there was much fun to be had with him. Plus, I mean, look at him: Oh my.

I didn’t work to make anything come of it because while I was open to it with him, casual anything is still not a thing that sits comfortably with me for reasons I’ve talked about many times.

It’s been a while now, we are both still single and having little luck finding our respective loves out in the world, and last week he asked if my offer was still on the table.

Why yes, yes it is.

So we shall see.

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  1. I love the fact you call it your lair.

    You know Ferns I’m 6’3 as well, unfortunately I’m also on the other side on the world.

  2. Any update on your almost-promised femdom story? I’m only asking for a friend you understand.

    1. I love that you are nudging me about this :P.

      I have just given it to a trusted friend to read and get input on because I have tangents everywhere and am struggling with the focus. Did I mention fiction is not my strength, and long form is new to me. So yeah.

      I’m waiting for some more objective thoughts on which parts I should follow down the rabbit hole :).

      I’m thinking of widening the feedback loop with some invested potential readers, but I’m not quite sure if that would be too much noise for my tentative hold on it.


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